More Melbourne restaurants have declared they’ll be dishing out free meals over the extended lockdowns, with three big faves now offering any hospitality workers who have been stood down over or had their work affected by lockdown 4.0.

Chin Chin, Baby Pizza, and Hawker Hall will each have 500 meals up for grabs for out-of-work hospo staff between 3-5pm every day, kicking off on Friday June 4. All three kitchens plan to dole out grub every day until the projected end of the lockdown on Thursday, June 10. That’s 1500 meals a day up for grabs.

Anyone who was working in the hospitality industry that has been stood down from the latest lockdown stint is able to claim a free feed, with three different dishes on offer from each restaurant.

At Chin Chin and Hawker Hall, you’ll be able to pick up some curry (both meat and vegetable options available), meanwhile Baby Pizza is going to be slinging out serves of rigatoni napoli or bolognese.

The news comes as the federal government announced a one-off payment of up to $500 for workers who have been out of a job due to the lockdowns, depending on how many hours they clock in per week, whether they’re in a recognised COVID hotspot, and if they don’t already receive support payments like JobSeeker or Youth Allowance.

For those hospo workers wanting to get a free feed (or a week’s worth of hot meals) over the next week of Greater Melbourne’s lockdowns, all you’ll have to do is show proof of being stood down or your shifts being cut.

No matter if you pull one shift a week or a back to backs for a full week, everyone in the hospitality industry who’s had their work affected by the lockdowns is eligible.

So if you’re keen for a feed and you’ve got Baby, Hawker Hall or Chin Chin Melbourne in your 10km radius, pop on your mask and hoof down to one of the eateries one afternoon over the next week and you could score yourself some free comfort food. God knows we all need that right now.

Image: Supplied / Instagram / @hawkerhall