Two Deadset Cupids Have Recreated A ‘Love Is Blind’, Quarantine Edition, Via Google Sheets

It’s easy to feel isolated amid the coronavirus pandemic, yet thanks to technology, we’re more connected than ever. Two New Yorkers have taken it upon themselves to play cupid during this time of lockdowns and social distancing. But instead of Tinder, their tool of choice is Google Sheets.

Photographer Thi Q. Lam and actor Rance Nix used this opportunity to recreate Netflix’s Love Is Blind with an online twist. They created a public spreadsheet, shared it on Instagram, and within one hour they had an influx of applicants who they whittled down to 20.

That’s what you get when you have a bunch of bored 20-somethings stuck at home with nothing to do.

The couples were paired into 12 ‘pods’ in the spreadsheet. But unlike the plush pods from the Netflix show which somehow still look intimate, these quarantined couples instead made contact over the phone.

Some were shy, some were confident. Some hit it off, others got bored after ten minutes. The whole process is being documented on the ‘Love Is Quarantine’ Instagram page, and fans are already hooked.

First up, we had Red, 30 from NYC, and Brooke, 24 from Nashville.  The pair definitely clicked, bonding over their creative sides. They even have similar jobs and both love dogs! However, there were some differences – Red loves a drink, Brooke does not – and Red’s hesitance about their age difference led many to dub him as the next Jessica.

Luckily for them, they could overcome these few differences and decided to exit their pandemic pod.

More and more contestants flooded the spreadsheet with cheesy one-liners that could only work during a global pandemic.

“Trying to find love before the end of the world you know,” said Tyler, 23.

Darlene, 28, said, “I’ve been in my Pooh Bear outfit (t shirt and no pants) for three days – please god I need help.”

“I’ve been up since 4 AM today so this shit will be wild. Also let me finally put on an outfit again, it’s been almost three weeks!” said Shaurav, 28.

“This is a GREAT idea! If we’re all locked in and going to die anyway, may as well go out with a damn cool story,” said Ellen, 28.

So far a bunch of other pairs have spoken about their dates, but no more have left their virtual pandemic pods just yet.

New updates are added to the Instagram account at 10:30 AM, AEST. Be sure to tune in  log in to feel just a little more connected during self-isolation.

In the wise words of Andrea, 27: “Anything’s gotta be better than the apps, right?”

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