I am once again writing about Netflix’s new show Sexy Beasts. I just – even the name makes me want to vomit out of my eyeballs. Anyway, there’s a new trailer out – sort of, it’s more of a sneak peek of the elimination process of this new, truly cursed dating show. Goodbye, final two brain cells. Adieu.

Sexy Beasts is basically The Masked Singer meets Love Is Blind, a concept I wholeheartedly believe was thought up by someone high off their own cooked supply. Because there is no way in hell someone sober could think this up.

Netflix / Sexy Beasts.

Fooken hell.

The show is a remake of the BBC / A&E dating show from back in the day, although I feel like Netflix really dialled up the amount of prosthetics and makeup in its version of the show.

I can’t stop staring at the blowhole – help.

A week ahead of the premiere, Netflix unveiled just what the elimination process looks like for a show where contestants are completely decked out in elaborate costumes.

In the snippet, someone dressed as a panda has to pick between three different people dressed as a tin man, alien, and bull. The makeup and costumes are so… next level that you really can’t tell what these people look like underneath.

So Panda talks through her options – the highs and lows, before revealing who her “sexy beast” is.

That is the elimination process. How, how are they taking each other seriously? I would piss myself.

Also, according to the actual trailer, at least a handful of these singles are conventionally attractive. Quick, act shocked.

I like to think these people signed up to a Netflix dating show thinking it was going to be the actual Love Is Blind or Too Hot To Handle, and copped this instead.

Have at it.

I hate this, I hate so much about this, but I know I’m still going to watch it because I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

By the looks of the official trailer, Sexy Beasts seems to be like any other blind dating show. Singles match, go on ridiculous dates, and see if love really is blind. And then if the attraction is mutual, they reveal themselves to each other.

Sexy Beasts premieres July 21st on Netflix Australia at approximately 5pm.

Watch this get a second season.

Image: Netflix / Sexy Beasts