‘Netflix Party’ Allows You To Have Movie Night With Ur M8s While Still Social Distancing

You’ve done an excellent job of quickly adapting to the corona crisis. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re working from home effectively, you’ve made space in the living room for exercise and your long distance fucking game is strong. Kudos. 

However, there’s still something missing, you are feeling a bit lonely and you just need a good movie night and shit talk with the crew, which just can’t happen right now. Cinemas around the globe are starting to shut down, and you can’t just pull up to your mate’s house for a binge sesh either because #socialdistancing.

But never fear, Netflix Party is here.

Netflix Party is a free and nifty as shit Google Chrome extension – which you can find right here –  that allows you and your squad to sync your Netflix accounts to watch the same hot content in real time, like some sort of dystopian Black Mirror-style cinema. 

The future of just hangin?

It also includes a chat room feature that allows you to type to each other without pausing the video – perfect if you’re watching from your laptop or phone – so you can keep the commentary going and comfort each other while streaming and screaming at Haunting Of Hill House.

You can even share emojis and GIFs if you simply cannot find the right words to express your emotional overreaction to Queer Eye or shookethness for Love Is Blind

And best of all, there’s no mass gathering limit number on this shit! Netflix Party claims half a million people can watch a show together simultaneously. So, why not start a club to binge a show in its entirety together and discuss your theories? You might even make new friends. This is the new book club of 2020 I’m sooooo into it.

Obviously, everyone is already jumping on the virtual bandwagon. Social media is already lighting up with people frothing the shared experience.

Here’s to making the most of quarantine!

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