Elon Musk Entertains Notion He’d Sell Sex Tape With Grimes For SpaceX Cash

Elon Musk has responded to a fan’s incredibly stupid/outright cooked suggestion that he raise $$ for his space ambitions by dropping a Musk/Grimes sex tape, which he absolutely should not have done.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

What he should have done is not answer the fan who wrote: “Can a sextape with @Grimezsz generate enough buzz to raise funds for space travel?” as a reply to Musk happily boasting about being a month away from the first orbital test flight of Crew Dragon. Crew Dragon is one of his company SpaceX‘s spaceships, which will actually be able to fly people on it, so they say.

Reckon he doesn’t need to fundraise with a sex tape tbh! The dude’s loaded.

Instead of either staying silent or shutting the whole thing down as deeply inappropriate/unfunny/I don’t have a sex tape with Grimes, who I may or may not still be dating, Musk said: “That’s a reasonable question“. WTF, no it is not. I do not want to see this sex tape. No one wants to see this sex tape. Except the Pornhub community, but that is neither here nor there.

Aside: it seemed like Musk and Grimes split when they unfollowed each other after that Azealia Banks drama in August last year – but then they went out in October pumpkin shopping with Musk’s kids, which is not a euphemism.

If Grimes and Musk have split, she’s being awfully supportive of her former bae’s quest to privatise space travel:

Despite being tagged into the thread, Grimes has nothing to say about this topic, because she is an adult woman whose sex life is her own damn business.

This is what she’s up to, if you wanted to know: writing a fantasy novel instead of working on her record.

Also she still loves moth memes.

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