Grimes Blitzed Her Instagram Yet Again, This Time Promising New Music

Grimes has totally redecorated her Instagram ahead of the release of new music on Thursday, replacing the whole thing with content promoting her new material.

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In late October, Grimes trashed her Instagram, leaving only one post, a promo image for Little Jimmy Urine‘s remix of her 2015 track ‘Kill V. Maim‘, off her last full-length, Art Angels, which has since been deleted. That move first stirred rumblings that she’d soon be dropping new music.

Well now it’s official, because she’s got a new pic (since November 11 anyway) of live-action Jigglypuff in the Detective Pikachu movie, and replaced her one post with FIVE posts. Her bio, “299 792 458 m / s” aka the speed of light, is a nod to her potential (? or has she done it) name change to c.

The first post, captioned “Nov 29 ” (the knife is hella sinister) could be a single/EP/album cover. The Russian word on there? It says Grimes.

Or maybe the album art is this?

She’s also plugging new merch – tees and stickers featuring her original artwork – which is already available HERE, writing point blank that new music is coming November 29, “finally haha“.

And lastly we’ve got a new cleaver-wielding Grimes press shot:

She’s also posted a couple stories: one an innocuous merch screengrab, the other a haunted alien Animoji whispering in baby voice “I’m so tired.” 

Image source: Instagram / @grimes. 

She also updated the banner on her Google+ account – a platform we all forgot existed – which might give away the single’s title and actual, possibly nuddy artwork, ‘We Appreciate Power‘, and featured artist, synthypopper HANA.

Image source: Google+ / @Grimes.

A new track, or indeed a new album, come after Grimes teased two new as yet unreleased songs on Twitter earlier this year.

In case you were wondering: Grimes is still apparently dating known bonglord/nutty inventor Elon Musk, because she was photographed by the Daily Mail hanging out with him and his many, many sons last month. Seems like she did like that Tesla shares at $420 joke.

Thank God they could survive the August Azealia Banks big dick texts drama.