An Ex Apple Employee Revealed The Products That Are Overhyped & I’m Listening (With AirPods)

apple employee tiktok product review

An ex-Apple employee has hopped on TikTok to spill the tea on which products he reckons are a waste of your hard-earned dosh and which ones are actually pretty fkn good. Let’s not waste any time iDillying and iDallying and dive straight in.

Content creator Tyler Yade (@hitomidocameraroll) posted the vid in late February and has already received 12.5M views. I probably counted towards like 10 of those as I kept rewatching the vid to make sure I didn’t miss out on any spicy BTS info.

In the TikTok, Yade goes through every single Apple product and gives his honest opinion on whether or not they’re worthless. As an Android user (don’t come for me), it was my pleasure to learn how many Apple products only sell because of the name attached to them.

Starting off with the iPhone 14, Yade said it’s the “same as the 13 just without the full notch” and that it “kinda sucks but is easier to repair.”

As for the 10th generation iPad, he reckons it’s just a “cheap iPad Air” and that even though everyone thinks it’s faster than the 9th gen iPad, it isn’t. He also claimed you should only get the iPad Mini “if your phone isn’t big enough,” the iPad Air if you “want to draw” and the iPad Pro if you want to “draw professionally”.


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The section about the Apple Watch kicked off with “I think the Apple Watch is a piece of shit,” with Yade reinforcing that if you had to get one, the Apple Watch SE is the only one worth the money.

AirPod Pros were labelled “pretty great” but normal AirPods were noted to “kind of shit out” after a year or two.

As for the AirPod Max Headphones, Yade told viewers to “don’t ever fucking buy this.”

“You can buy so much more for that price,” he said.

Finally, Yade said the MacBook Air is perfect “if you’re a student and just using it for daily stuff,” while the MacBook Pro is good “if you want to do photo editing, video editing or music production.”

And there you have it folks, a pretty honest review of the products from someone who knows the ins and outs of them. Sorry to all my Apple Watch lovers out there.

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