Apple users, I know you’re out there in droves, so I’d just like to let you know that this article is not for you. Unless, of course, you wanted to know why Android cameras aren’t as bad as you think they are.

TikToker and tech expert @milesabovetech (Miles Franklin) has made a video explaining just why photos from Android phones always look so awful on pretty much every social media app, and the workaround for this that can make all the Apple-using boys come to the yard.

“So, why do Android phones look so bad on social media? Well, its a simple answer,” Miles says in his video.

“Third-party apps cannot support the thousands and thousands of phones that come out on Android every year.

“Each phone that comes out on Android always has a different processor, a different camera, just different settings altogether, and these app developers don’t have the time nor money to develop apps that work great with these phones, so they create a generic one that works across all Android devices and it’s terrible.”

You can check out the video below. Android users, prepare to have your processors blown.


#stitch with @.luka.p Hopefully googles new CameraX Api can fix this issue and make it easier for developers #android #tips #foryou #fyp #samsung

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Towards the end of the vid, Miles offers solutions for Android users to help them post the hottest vids on their Instagram stories from now on.

All you have to do is use your camera to take pics or record videos instead of a third-party app like Instagram or Snapchat.

This way, your pic will come out just as clear as when you took it, and you can stop having Apple users in your DMs telling you how blurry your pic of this season’s cum trees are. And no, I am not talking from experience. I’m just hypothesizing here. Some people out there are sensitive, okay?

Apparently, the reason that Androids are so shitty on Instagram is because the app doesn’t actually use the camera. Instead, the app screen records the camera’s viewfinder, which leads to the famous blurry photos and frame-dropped vids.

So yeah, Android cameras aren’t as bad as we think they are, we’re all just so obsessed with Instagram that we’re used to the bad quality.

Android users rise up, we ride at dawn. No longer will we be shamed for using apps that don’t support us properly.