Apple Employee Found Dead At California HQ From Possible Gun Shot Wound

A man believed to be an Apple employee has been found dead at their Cupertino, California headquarters, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff.

The Santa Clara County Fire Department confirmed that they were called to the scene for a man “with a wound to his head”, but were then told to stand down. Audio form the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s dispatch indicate that a gun was found near his body.

There are mixed reports coming in about how many people were involved. Although ABC‘s Matt Keller tweeted that no one else was involved, NBC reported that audio from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s dispatch indicate that a woman who had “sustained an injury to the head, possibly from a gun” was escorted out of the building by security – two minutes before the dispatch talked about the dead body found in the conference room. 

However, the spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said during a media conference: “Further investigation determine that there was no other individuals involved. We believe this is an isolated incident and that nobody else on campus or in the public is at risk.”

Apple have so far declined to comment.

Source: Billboard / NBC.

Photo: ChinaFotoPress / Getty.