Hoe No: iOS 16’s Delete Message Feature Won’t Work On iOS 15 Phones & My Thot Schemes Are Ruined

iphone update ios 16 texting ios 15

In a time before time, Adam and Eve enjoyed the splendours of the Garden of Eden before a snake tempted them into biting an apple. Now, in the lordless year of 2022, another apple seeks to tear humanity apart.

Villainry. Deception. Lies. What do these three wicked traits have in common? They are all features promised to us in Apple’s iOS 16 update, slated for a late September release.

Alongside many amazing features that we’ve never seen before, iOS 16 will be bringing Apple users the ability to edit and delete messages at a whim.

Broke up with your bf but then realised that you do in fact need to be held every night so your thoughts don’t run wild on their own? Delete the message before he sees it!

Sent a risky DM to the man of your dreams only to come to terms with all of his red flags after a nice cold shower? Edit that “I love you” into a “Maybe buy a bed frame this week?”

Despite the fact iOS 16 is not out just yet, you can get hold of the beta version by paying Apple a $99 a year fee to become an Apple Developer member.

TikTok user @elonmusk_tesstickletumor (yes, that’s their real username) is one such person who has the beta, and has been testing out a whole smorgasbord of features and interactions.

In a new vid, they tested out what would happen if a phone on iOS 16 deletes a message sent to a phone on iOS 15.


Reply to @sephiyroth not much lol #ios16 #apple #iphone #ipad #tech

♬ born to sell product – Tik Toker

So if someone with iOS 16 texts someone on iOS 15 then deletes it, the message still remains for those with iOS 15.

Looks like you might need to be careful in the future when deleting messages, some sneaky binches might have iOS 15 to catch your tricks.

“So you basically gotta start every convo with ‘iOS 15 or iOS 16?’,” wrote one TikTok user in the comments.

“So I’m gonna get the iPhone 14 with iOS 16 and keep my old iPhone with iOS 15 and have them use the same number,” wrote another.

For those of you wondering if this is just a flaw of iOS 16 being in its beta phase still, alas, it’s confirmed to be part of the final update. After all, how is iOS 15 going to delete messages when it doesn’t recognise that feature?

According to folks on TikTok, Apple even warns you with a little message at the bottom of the screen telling you that friends with iOS 15 will not see your message changes.

Godspeed out there, folks and happy texting.

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