The New iPhone Update Will Let You Edit & Delete Messages And My 3AM Demon Self Is Cheering

iphone update delete messages ios16

There are a few changes coming to iPhones with the new iOS update but none give me more spiritual relief than the knowledge we’ll soon be able to edit and unsend messages. Truly, my 3am hoon self is thanking the Apple lords.

Apple announced the big update to how we can send and receive messages on Tuesday. In the new iOS16, iPhone users will be able to edit or recall recently sent messages as well as bring back recently deleted messages. We’ll also be able to mark conversations as “unread” so we can come back to them later.

iphone delete messages iOS 16 update
Finally, the lads won’t know how much of a softy you are! [Image: Apple]
There’s a slight time catch though. Messages are only able to be edited or recalled for up to 15 minutes after they’ve been sent. That means you can’t fire off a bunch of drunk texts to your crush/ex/whoever and then take them back the next morning when your hangxiety is at an all-time high.

You’ll be able to bring back messages up to 30 days old though, so if you delete something in the heat of the moment but actually want to read it again you’ve got a month to do that.

The new update is obviously only for iPhone and Apple users. Android users, you’re still stuck playing the fast fingers game of trying to un-send a message while it’s being sent, for now.

This also means the new Apple feature will only work for iMessage (messages between Apple users) so texts sent between Apple and other users can’t be taken back — soz!

Apple’s new iOS16 update will only be supported on iPhone 8 and newer models. So if you’re still kicking around on your old-ass iPhone 6 you’re gonna have to stick to whatever texts you fire off.

There is a heap of other sweet new features coming for us iPhone diehards. Like chucking your ID in the phone’s wallet for things like buying booze on delivery apps, adding widgets to the lock screen and accessibility updates for people who have physical or motor disabilities.