Apple is launching an absolute ton of new emojis so you can more accurately express your growing existential dread and/or horniness via text message.

According to MacRumors, the newmojis — see what I did there? — are part of the iOS 15.4 update and there are 37 all together.

They include a melting face (great for representing the steady rise of global temperatures), a disco ball (a win for the queer community), a biting lip emoji (a win for the horny straight man community), and some loose beans (a win for me, known bean-lover).

But where is the baked bean tin emoji, I ask?

Apple has also increased the inclusivity of some emojis, adding gender-neutral pregnancy emojis and a more diverse array of handshake emojis.

My other favourites on the new emoji list include an empty mason jar which the 2017 VSCO girls will go wild for, an (unbleached) coral emoji and some iridescent bubbles.

Dare I say it, they may well be an aesthetic replacement for the yellow sparkle emoji.

There’s been a varied response to the new emojis online, though a lot of enthusiasm for one which appears to be a troll.

Along with the increased array of emojis, the Apple update will also fix some bugs with Face ID.

As a proud iPhone 8 user I’m all about Touch ID supremacy, but this is a big one for anyone with an iPhone 12 or newer.

Users will now be able to set up Face ID to recognise them while they’re wearing a mask.

According to tests run by 9to5 Mac, the feature will only be available on iPhone 12 and 13 models and won’t be supported on the 2018 iPad Pro.

A beta version of the update has been released to developers and as per PC Mag, it’ll likely be a few weeks before it’s released to the public.

Look, honestly software updates are cool and all but I’m really just here for the new emojis.

I personally cannot wait to put the melty face and the troll emoji on every text I send from now on. Apologies in advance to everyone in my contact list.

Image: Emojipedia