We’ve Found The Best Overnight Bags If You’re In A Chuck It & Fuck It Kinda Travel Mood

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If you’re anything like us, then you’re stuck watching everyone’s gorgeous Euro summers while kicking yourself that you didn’t book a little overseas vacay when you had the chance. Welp. It sucks, we know. But the good news is that you can still book a few weekenders to help you through the FOMO.

When it comes to packing for said weekend, you probably won’t need a super large suitcase, just an overnight bag or duffle that fits all the essentials — clothes, shoes, bags, toiletries etc. But not all weekender bags are made equal. Some are those classic duffles that you just load everything into a pray for the best, others come with versatile pockets so you can actually organise your bag to make living out of it even easier.

Depending on your travel style (and probably your star sign) you’re going to want something different to your fellow travel buddies, so we’ve gone ahead and found a range of different style duffles and overnight bags to suit the lot of yas.

The Best Weekender, Overnight and Duffle Bags in Australia

Best Overall: July Carry All Weekender

Okay, so this July Carry All Weekender takes the cake for the best overall overnight bag. It comes with some super handy pockets for organisation, there are front pockets for small things that need to be easily accessed, a main compartment for the bulk of your goodies, a quilted padded laptop compartment if you’re someone who frequently travels with tech, and a QuickPass pocket for speedy access to your most important items like wallets, passports etc. on the go. It also comes with a pass-through band at the back of the duffle so you can attach it to large luggage when need be, and two carry options — handles and a shoulder strap.

Best Budget: Billabong Stacked Weekender Duffle Bag

For all my girlies travelling on a budget, the Billabong Weekender duffle is an excellent option. It’s the perfect size for a weekend getaway or doubles as a carry-on for those bigger trips. It’s pretty much a chuck-it-all-in style of bag, so you might want to invest in some packing cubes if you require a little more organisation. It also comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap so you can cater to your travel styles.

Best for Organisation: Calpak Stevyn Duffel

Attention Virgos: This one’s for you. Calpak’s Stevyn Duffle Bag was designed for those who love organisation. It features multiple pockets (inside and out) and a zip pocket at the base to store your shoes in, keeping them separate from your clothes and toiletries. You can choose to use either the top carry handles or the adjustable crossbody strap, which is also removable — and it has a more durable, soft outer shell. It’s worth noting though, that while this one offers more compartments for organisation, it might be slightly smaller than your typical duffle.

Best Men’s Overnight Bag: R.M.Williams Hawkesbury Holdall

overnight bags weekender bags duffle bag

Blokes typically prefer a chuck-it-all-in-duffle, but R.M. Williams makes it ~fancy~. It’s a durable travel bag that’s cut from smooth full-grain leather, so it can stand to be tossed around a little. It’s cut in a classic duffle bag shape with a central zip compartment, an internal pocket, an external slider pocket for easy access to things like your passport, keys, wallet etc. and a removable cross-body strap depending on your carrying style.

Best Luxury Overnight Bag: Anya Hindmarch ‘Inflight’ Weekend Bag

overnight bags weekender bags duffle bag

If you alternate between handbags and weekenders (and have some serious cash to burn), this ‘inflight’ bag from Anya Hindmarch could be a good choice. While it’s definitely on the pricier side, it’s worth it. This baby is made from a recycled shell and trimmed with leather, so it’s as chic as it is durable. It’s also generous in size so you have plenty of room for all your clothes, shoes and cosmetics, and each pocket is labelled as a little packing reminder. It even comes with a pull-out pouch to put your liquids in when you pass through airport security. Nice!

Best Weekender with Wheels: Samsonite Business Albi

overnight bags weekender bags duffle bag

If you’ve ever looked at someone in the airport and saw them casually rolling along their overnight bag while you’re lugging a duffle and thought, “Ugh, I need that”, we’ve got you. The Samsonite Business Albi is where you wanna spend your monies. The cabin-sized baggage is super practical and comes with two different styles of carry straps (palm and shoulder), as well as wheels and a retractable handle.

However, if you are looking for some new luggage or a carry-on to replace your ratty old stuff, we’ve got you covered there too.

Image Credit: Calpak / July Instagram