If You’re Looking To Replace Your Banged-Up Luggage, You’ve Come To The Right Place

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When you only travel a few times a year, it’s easy to forget (or refuse) to spend money on new luggage. But when you DO go to use it, you realise it a) smells weird bc of all that time in musty storage and b) really is worse for wear.

Guys, it’s time to buy yourself a new suitcase so your gear is protected. And while you’re at it, buy something decent. None of this spending $20 on something from the dollar shop because “it’s the same thing”. It’s not — investing in a good suitcase means you’ll have it for years (good for sustainability!), and you’re less likely to wind up with it splitting apart while you cram your stuff into it.

I made the mistake two years back of buying crappy suitcase, and guess what, it broke three trips in. So now I’ve done my own research (and yours, too) to get something decent. You’re welcome!

What type of luggage is most durable?

According to Consumer Reports, luggage made from aluminium is the most durable. However, that also means they’re on the heavier side and likely more expensive. Luggage made from polycarbonate is a good middle ground, a mix of durable yet lightweight. And ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) luggage is the lightest and typically the cheapest option.

Is hard or soft luggage better?

Honestly, this one all comes down to personal preference and travel style. Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of each, shall we?

Soft Shell Luggage:


  • Can be compressed down to fit into small spaces, e.g. crammed under your hotel bed or into small car boots
  • Have more give, so you can cram in more clothes if you’ve brought a little more than you expected
  • Can double as a pillow if you’re stuck waiting around at airports, train stations etc.
  • Generally, they’re cheaper of the two options (hard and soft)


  • Less protection if you’re travelling with any fragile goodies
  • They often get dirty (and sometimes smelly) bc they’re fabric

Hard Shell Luggage:


  • Super durable
  • Protects any fragile goodies in your luggage while it gets man-handled
  • Often a little more aesthetically pleasing


  • The hard shell can add a little to your overall baggage weight
  • You can’t over-fill them if you’ve brought too much
  • Hard shells can get scratched easily

What are the best pieces of luggage to buy?

Typically, you’ll need a few different-sized pieces of luggage — a large check-in piece, a mid-sized check-in piece and a carry-on piece of luggage. It’s good to have both the large and medium so that you can cater to your trip length and climate. If you’d prefer a backpack over a suitcase, you’ll need to look into how many litres you’re going to need, e.g. small is 19L, medium 20 to 29L and large 30 to 39L.

You might also want to look into travel essentials like weekenders, totes, backpacks, packing cubes and toiletry bags.

The Best Large Check-in Suitcases


These Aussie-designed suitcases feature all the good stuff — a polycarbonate “unbreakable” shell, integrated TSA lock, and quiet wheels that move everywhere. If you’re someone who throws your stuff around, this is the kind of suitcase you need.


Samsonite is PRICEY, but if you’ve got the $$ it’s a good investment — you’ll have your suitcase forever, practically, as long as you look after it (i.e. don’t throw wet swimmers in there and leave them for a week).


Soft-case luggage can run a bit cheaper, but it’s still worth spending a bit more for something durable. Most Antler suitcases have a 10-year warranty, so it’s pretty likely they’ll go the distance.


Tumi is wayyy up there price-wise, but their product is known to last a lifetime and be expertly made. If you travel heaps for work and want a stylist carry-on that’ll go the distance, these are some of their best-sellers.

American Tourister

If you’re fleeing Aussie winter like everyone else on the Internet (and looking at this article), then you’re probably on the hunt for new luggage. American Tourister has a bunch of colourful choices and styles to choose from, all you need to do is select a size and style that suits you.


Rimowa is like the bougiest of bougie baggage, so if you’re someone who flies first class regularly, you’ve probably already got a set! If not, and you’re prepared to drop some serious coin, have at ’em.


Aside from affordability, NERE also has one of the widest ranges of colour choices we’ve seen on the market. So if you’re looking for luggage that’s both functional and gram-worthy, you’ve found it.

The Best Carry-On Luggage

Now, of course, all of the brands we mentioned in the large check-in section actually sell carry-on versions of their larger luggage options, so you can really shop for sets if you like. However, we thought we’d pull out three of our favourites to get the ball rolling for you.

The Best Travel Backpacks

If traditional luggage just isn’t for you, it’s worth investing in a good-quality, comfortable backpack — especially if you’re going to be consistently travelling. Brands like DB, The North Face, and YETI all make some really good ones. Just make sure you get the right size for your trip, e.g. a small is 19L, medium 20 to 29L and large 30 to 39L.

The Best Weekenders And/Or Duffels

Sometimes all you need is a good-sized weekender, so we’ve hunted down a few of our faves. They’re deep, multi-pocketed and come with both shoulder straps and handles.

The Best Toiletries Bags

Your choice of toiletry bag will depend on how long your trip is and how much luggage you need. The longer the trip, the more likely it is that you’ll want something a little bigger, like the Louenhide Cosmetic Case pictured above. However, if you’re only taking carry-on, and are keen to save on space, the Cee Clear Cosmetic Case is a great option.

The Best Packing Cubes

Feels like everyone on TikTok is obsessed with packing cubes as an easy way to organise your luggage and prevent your clothes from being scattered across your hotel room three days after you arrive at your destination. So if you’re someone who chaotically packs your bags only to immediately regret your life choices once you get there, these might be a worthwhile investment.

Well, folks, that just about wraps things up. We hope you found the luggage you’re looking for. Safe travels!