ALDI’s Slinging 2pc Suitcase Sets For $99, So It’d Be Rude Not To Book A Sneaky Holiday

aldi suitcase

Cancel your weekends plans and yeet yourself down to Aldi because this weekend’s Special Buy has everything you need for your summer holiday plans.

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The travel-themed Special Buy kicks off on Saturday and includes suitcases, power adapters and everything else you could possibly need for your next jet-setting adventure.

First of all, you can pick up their famous SkyLite two-piece luggage set for only $99.

If you’ve ever invested in a good set of suitcases, you’d know that shit does not come cheap. For $99 you can pick up a 3.2kg suitcase and a 3.7kg suitcase, both with built-in TSA locks, four wheels for easy travel, and an expandable compartment.

aldi suitcases

The suitcases are highly regarded as a dupe for more expensive brands due to their quality and durability, and for $99, you’ll have more cashola to spend on tacky tourist stuff!

You can also pick up the matching carry-on suitcase for a measly $39.99, which is a steal for a good-quality suitcase.

But it’s not just luggage that Aldi’s slinging this weekend. All of the other stuff you need for an overseas holiday that would usually cost you an arm and a leg is heavily discounted too.

Highlights include $7.99 luggage scales, an RFID security wallet for $3.99 and a handy universal travel adaptor with four extra USB ports for less than $20.

“There are suitcase sets and travel adaptors, to everything you could need for the kids,” Kerry Fowler, Aldi’s Buying Director said. “Whether you’re staying close to home or heading abroad, you’ll find travel essentials to suit any trip.”

My advice? Well, as a certified Cheap Bitch™, I’d suggest you pick up all of the boring travel shit now while it’s cheap. You know you’ll need it next time you go on holidays, so why waste your hard-earned cash when you can pick it up now for an affordable price.