Never Lose Your Luggage Again With This Suitcase Cover Featuring Your Bonce

When it comes to choosing what suitcase to buy, many travellers face a conundrum.

It’s a big purchase, and considering you’ll probably keep the article of luggage for a decade or so, an important one.

Go with something slick and minimalist, like a black mid-sized Antler, and you’ll look stylish and sophisticated. Only downside is, people will probably routinely mistake your case for their own.

If you want to avoid that like the plague, go for something garish in a bright colour. Like hot pink. Great news is, there won’t be any luggage mix ups. The bad news is you’re stuck with an ugly, outfit-ruining suitcase for ages.

What if we told you there was a solution to this (incredibly minor, first-world) irritation?!

Introducing… the Head Case luggage cover.

It’s a highly durable polyester spandex luggage cover that you can customise with your very own face.

Yes, for just AUD $32 -$49 (depending on what size you want) you can get your big ol’ bonce blown up and stretched across a bag of your choice, likea so:

“You’ve tied on a little piece of coloured ribbon and you’ve spent a load of money on that mad clingfilm machine… only to discover that everyone else has done exactly the same thing,” reads their website.

“Prevent ‘Baggage Reclaim’ drama and make sure your bag stands out from the crowd by slipping it snuggly inside a Head Case. After all, nothing says “that’s my luggage!” quite like a giant version of your own face, smiling back at you as it shudders round the conveyor belt.”

All you gotta do is upload an image of your choice and Firebox will transform it into a case cover. The hardest part will be deciding what selfie to use.

What a world.

If you want to buy one of these luggage covers but need a place to go, how about a Contiki trip? Their Eastern Road adventure is a 13-day exploration of Eastern Europe, with stops in Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Krakow. You’ll be with 20 or so others, all of which we can assure you will be impressed with your face luggage.