Virgin Are Slinging $785 Return Flights To San Fran Departing Next Month, So Pack Yr Bags

cheap virgin flights san fransisco

I don’t mean to alarm you, but Virgin Australia are slinging return flights to San Fransisco for a measly $785 including baggage and meals. Who doesn’t love a cheap flight? I sure as heck do.

The catch, you ask? You better pack your bags right now because you need to travel during October and November of 2019 to make the most of the discount.

As a self-proclaimed cheap bitch™, I know a good bargain when I see one. And boy, oh boy, is this a cheap deal.

From my research, you’re usually looking at about $1200 to $1700 return from Melbourne to San Fransisco, depending on your airline, dates and different promotions. By my calculations, that makes this a certified bargain.

Cheap flights usually have massive catches like no baggage, restricted dates or frankly shitty airlines. But not this one.

You get the glorious luxury of Virgin Australia economy, meals and baggage included, and you don’t even have to wait seven years to catch the flight. The dream, honestly.

If you’re flying between October 3 and November 24, you can cop a cheap Virgin flight out of Melbourne.

Alternatively, you can snag an $800 return from Brisbane or an $833 return trip if you’re a Sydney local. Adelaide and Perth flights will set you back $906, but even that’s not too bad for a return international flight.

Grab your mates and get ready for a spontaneous last-minute trip across the globe. It’s rare that you’ll find a deal this good at the last minute, so if you’re ready to yeet yourself the fuck out of the office, why not grab your bestie and take a US vacay? Cheap Virgin flights are the only excuse you need.

You can drive across the Golden Gate Bridge or take a tour of Alcatraz, the world is your fucking oyster.

If you’re not quite spontaneous enough to pack your bags for a last-minute SF trip, you can also cop a bargain with $885 Sydney to LAX return flights between January and June 2020 via Flight Centre.

Go on, live your dream. Book that last minute flight that your mum’s going to yell at you for later. Sorry Mum, I can’t take your call, I’m on the plane to San Fransisco!

You can grab cheap tickets here.