Friends, The Daily Edited will be doing a daily giveaway next week. That’s it, that’s the introduction.

To mark the re-opening of their stores across the country, The Daily Edited will be giving away personalised iPhone cases for five days beginning from next week. But this isn’t your average giveaway of just one or two iPhone cases a day. Oh no, it’s much more than that. It’s a name giveaway.

If you see your first name announced on the @thedailyedited Instagram – for example, the name Steff (me, pick me, pick my name) – then all Steff’s will receive a free phone case on that day.

You love to see it.

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Phone case on a strap to wear cross body!

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IMPORTANT: the giveaway won’t begin until Monday, 25 May. Across the five days, the team will be doing 10 name shout outs for TDE stores in each state. So we’ve all got a chance here.

If you’re incredibly keen on the giveaway, I suggest turning on post notifications over the weekend. The official announcement and more details will be shared on Monday. Stay tuned.

While we wait for next week to role around, you can suss out TDE’s collection online right HERE. And by collection I mean all of the personalised iPhone cases.

I have absolutely become such an accessories person in iso, tell ya what. These pictures are porn to me.

Happy Friday!

Image: The Daily Edited