Grab The Fancy-Ass Wine Glasses, Dolce & Gabbana Is Entering The Sesh With Its Sicilian Rosé

In news that I don’t know if I ever expected to write, Dolce & Gabbana has announced it’s producing its own rosé, and you’ll be able to buy yourself a bottle or two of the plonk really soon. Yep, D&G – that luxe Italian fashion house that Fergie once sang about and makes my fave perfume – is stepping into the wine game and releasing its own wine right in time for the Italian summer. I mean, why the fuck not, hey.

The summery drop is called Rosa and combines two grape varietals from the island of Sicily, where the luxe brand holds its roots. History aside, this rosé looks bloody delicious (yes I’m a sucker for a good pink wine, sue me) and I wish to guzzle it down in the warm summer afternoon sun as soon as I can.

Apparently the Dolce & Gabbana rosé has big jasmine florals on the nose when you huff it in like a fancy wine-knower, and swirling it around your gob reveals gentle notes of wild strawberry, peach, and bergamot. Yes bloody please.

Considering the wine is being released in June, the start of our winter, it might take a while before I can laze on a blanket in the sun and sip this like some fancy-but-basic binch, but who cares. I’ll drink it in winter.

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If you’re the kind of person that shops for wine by the label, good luck to you not putting this in your online cart, hey.

Seriously, this is just so gorgeous. Dolce & Gabbana took the lead on the design, taking lots of influence and direction from traditional Sicilian carts, and it’s just so intricate and lovely.

dolce & gabbana rosé

As surprising as the phrase ‘Dolce & Gabbana rosé’ is, it’s not the first time the luxe brand has stepped into the booze business – back in 2010, it collaborated with Martini for a special run of vermouth. But a rosé? My friend that is some big summer-of-gentle-bliss energies to it.

Though Dolce & Gabbana Rosa rosé is pinned to be unleashed unto the world in June on the D&G website and the Donnafugata site, there’s not a price on it just yet. Surely we’ll get more information on that but until then please join me in crossing all fingers and toes that it’s not insanely expensive and we can comfortably put away a couple of bottles on a Saturday afternoon in the sun.

Bottoms up, mates.