Client Liaison Have Teamed Up W/ The Daily Edited On A Bunch Of Epic Phone Cases

Client Liaison‘s CL Deluxe Line launch at MBFWA this year was a real ~fashion moment~. The nostalgia-fuelled duo seem to do no wrong when it comes to, well, whatever they decide to put their hand to really. Music? Tick. Fashion? Tick.

[jwplayer JJ1ba9rZ]

Personalised phone cases? TIIIICK.

The gang have joined forced with iconic Aussie personalisation brand The Daily Edited for a bunch of Limited Edition phone cases – and look, you’re going to have a hard time choosing which one speaks to you, to be honest.

The six cases are painfully chic in that vintage-90s-vibes kind of way. This one, for example, reminds me of an Esprit shirt I would not remove from my body from the years 1998-2000.

And this one borrow from the CL Deluxe Line prints, which are just very Ken-Done-meets-weird-government-roadside-welcome-to-QLD-sign-circa-1997.

You can still personalise them – as you can see in the sample pics.

And all cases have 100% Saffiano leather backing, and are available for IPhone 7/7+, IPhone 8/8+, and IPhone X.

The cases retail at $59.95 and are available now via The Daily Edited’s website – IMO it’s worth hurrying, since they’re likely to sell out.