If you’re currently working from home, whether it’s for Uni or instead of the office, you’ve probably got a hastily set up desk space that’s void of all personality, no?

SAME. Slowly I’m adding bits and pieces – all my crystals (lol), a second screen, and a few note pads. But what I’m really missing is a minimalist, organised, chic aesthetic that soothes my soul. Nothing soothes the soul like ORGANISATION, amirite.

So the news The Daily Edited are doing a strong 20% off site-wide for the next 48 hours (if you use the code VOSNPREVIEW) has certainly piqued my interest. In case you’re unaware, TDE do personalised chic like no one else – but they’re more than just phone cases and travel gear. They have a wealth of home office goods that’ll spruce up your space in no time.

Here are some of my fave desk-side items.

Black 12 Inch Laptop Case, $139.95
Medium Desk Tray, $92.95
Desk Pad & Memo Pad Set, $100
Mouse Pad, $39.95
A5 Notebook, $59.95

There’s heaps more to check out, head to The Daily Edited today (31st March) but remember, the 48 hour sale ends Thursday, 2nd April 10am AEDT and you have to use the code VOSNPREVIEW to score the discount.

Image: Instagram / @thedailyedited