The spookiest time of year is upon us mates, yep it’s Halloween right around the corner, and our favourite bathtime specialists, LUSH, are unleashing its creepy range this week. This year’s spoopy range includes a couple of new treats, including a pumpkin spice lip scrub and a bath bomb all about splishing around in Mercury’s retrograde.

Dropping online and in those strong-scented shops on the spookiest day outside of actual Halloween (Friday 13th), the annual ghoulish range is all about sugar and spice and everything nice, while turning your bath or showers into a black as dark as the witching hour.

Cult fave Lord Of Misrule returns to turn your bath into a mischevious pool of patchouli-scented plonk – it’s easily one of my favourite smells in the whole world.

But the exciting stuff is the new treats that are being unearthed from bathrooms in the beyond. Excuse me but a bath bomb called Mercury In Retrograde surely can’t be a bad thing, right?

Lush Is Releasing A ‘Mercury In Retrograde’ Bath Bomb For Messy Binches Who Live For Chaos
Mercury In Retrograde bath bomb, $9.95

All about calming the chaos before it hits the fan, the bomb looks like a frenzy of oranges, purples, greens, and shimmering black, exploding with a spicy buchu and cinnamon scent. So you can lean right into the chaotic energy of a Mercury in retrograde and just soak it all in instead.

Other newbies include a Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub – because you can never be too into the ol’ Pumpkin Spice Latte (trust me, just look at America’s obsession with it), another pumpkin-flavoured bath bomb called Punkin Pumpkin (cuuute), and a glow-in-the-dark lemongrass-scented Fun, which is like a plasticine that you can also wash yourself with. Or mould it into a little glow-worm, which is also impossibly adorable.

Lush Is Releasing A ‘Mercury In Retrograde’ Bath Bomb For Messy Binches Who Live For Chaos
Hello friend. (Glow Worm Fun, $9.95)

One thing that I’m not 100% sure will leave me feeling clean, no matter how much I’m told that it will do that, is the new Boo! Shower Slime.


In the shower.

To wash with.

And it’s pitch black.

Ok then.

It’s black as the middle of the night and uses xanthan gum instead of normal slime stuff (read: literal glue) to be all goopy. It looks like I’d probably end up getting it all over my bathroom instead of my body, but hey that’s fine.

Either that or I’ll end up making some slime ASMR and become King Of The Teens.

Lush Is Releasing A ‘Mercury In Retrograde’ Bath Bomb For Messy Binches Who Live For Chaos

It looks like a total mess and I love it.

If anything, this spooky Halloween range from LUSH is a good reason to fob off all your plans this weekend and just stay in the bath. I’m gonna go and get hella pruney while pretending to be a witch with a big cauldron of potions.

Image: Supplied