LUSH’s Special Halloween Range Is Gonna Make Yr Baths A Gooey Nightmare

Surely you lot know what LUSH is. That shop with the scent that you can pick up from half a mall away. The place with all the bath bombs, bubbles and bright colours. Glitter that gets all over the bathroom and you’re stuck finding it all over yourself for the next few days (don’t worry it’s not made of plastic.)

Every year, the lords of the bath release their limited edition Halloween range – it’s typically stuff that looks real spooky but smells real good.

Some old faves are coming back, like the Lord of Misrule bath bomb and shower cream, and there’s variants on other faves – not only are we copping the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, but we’re also getting its bestie, Pink Pumpkin bubbles.

This year, the LUSH team have brought a whole new product to the table bath that I am personally excited about. Jelly bombs.

I know what you’re thinking – “how the fuck does that even work?” and to be honest, I’m not too sure. BUT they’re bath bombs that turn the water into goopy jelly, which is pretty perfect for Halloween.

The first one you can get your mitts on is the Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb which sounds sufficiently disgusting. Named after that gooey green slime from Ghostbusters, this bomb features a cutie ‘lil ghost on it. Promise you won’t get out of the bath feeling gross though – it’s packed full of citrusy tangerine and grapefruit. If you’re a bit of a LUSH addict, apparently this one smells a bit like the Calacas stuff from a few years back.

LUSH are getting more into the naked product game as well – which means less plastic being used to keep their products in. There’s also a couple of exclusive knot wraps (recycled plastic scarves!) with some real trippy-lookin’ designs on them.

Alongside all the fun bubbly, sparkly, fizzy products, they’re putting out a naked lip scrub and lip tint. Those dang lip scrubs are pretty much just sugar and jojoba oil, so the kids go fuckin’ nuts for ’em.

The whole ghoulish Halloween range is below, and will be appearing online from September 19, and in stores from Sept 21st until the witching hour on October 31st.

Lord of Misrule
Monster’s Ball
Ectoplasm Jelly Bomb

Sparkly Pumpkin
Pink Pumpkin

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream
Hedgewitch Soap
Magic Wand Soap

Goth Fairy Sparkle Bar
Black Rose Lip Tint (Naked & Tube)
Black Rose Naked Lip Scrub

Keep an eye on PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Instagram next week – we might just be giving some of these products a test run.

LUSH are also doing their annual Creative Showcase at the moment, and there’s some sneaky peeks at what’s coming for their limited Christmas range, and it looks fuckin’ wild.

Your bathroom’s gunna be always haunt.