Lush Release Limited Edition Bath Oils To Make Winter A Bit Less Shitty

If you don’t have a bath tub to lounge around in this winter, I am SAD FOR YOU. Baths are the best, and they’re primo things to do when you need a bit of self-care time. If I were you I’d AXE your lease and go find somewhere with a bath, tbh.

If you do have a bath (or access to one, hi mum and dad) then listen the hell up, because everyone’s favourite shop to stock up on bath products from, Lush, has dropped a whole range of bath oils just in time for cold and chilly winter.

The bath oils will set you back $5.50 a pop, and come in three types “Melty”, “Glitzy” and “Fizzy”. Which obviously do what they say on the tin.

They’re made of organic & Fair Trade shea butter, and when they dissolve will turn your bath into a body milk. Hell yeah.

Some of our faves? The Delight bath oil, which is covered in silvery light blue shimmer:

And Double Vitality, a cute little fizzy star.

You can pick one of these babies up from the 7th May, and they’ll stay in stores until September this year. Hit up the site for more info.