Lush Has Dropped Its Christmas Range & There’s Like 20 New Treats To Soak Yrself In

Lush Christmas 2020 bath bombs

The best-scented time of the year is upon us, my friends, and that’s the day when Lush unleashes its annual limited edition Christmas range of bath bombs, bubbles, and other delights. And this year, we’re getting absolutely spoilt rotten with a whole Santa sack full of new treats to soak and smother ourselves in so everyone can smell us coming a mile off.

Alongside a lot of the classic faves known to permeate the Lush Christmas haul, there are 20 new products this year for you to get all obsessed over, ranging from bath bombs and bubbles, and new products with fave scents.

If you know Lush Christmas, you know that only means one thing: Snow Fairy.

The Snow Fairy family is seriously expanding this year, with the arrival of a big bubble bar and a shampoo bar joining the candy-scented gang, so you can really go top to toe smells like you’ve just stepped out of a fairy floss machine.

Lush Christmas 2020
Snow Fairy Bubble Bar – $11.50
Lush Christmas 2020
Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar – $15.95

Absolutely filling up the Christmas stocking this year, Lush is bringing a whole heap more fancy new treats including fun, indulgent bath bombs and bubbles, shower bombs, gels, milks, scrubs, a candy cane-flavoured lip scrub that you’ll wanna scoff down, hunks of soap, and new fragrances.

Here’s a little peep of what you’ll find online from today and in stores from October 8.

Lush Christmas 2020 bath bombs
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas Bath Bomb – $5.95
Lush Christmas 2020 bath bombs
Angels Delight Bath Bomb – $6.95
Lush Christmas 2020
Orange Shower Scrub – $18.95
Lush Christmas 2020
Candy Cane Lip Scrub – $7.95
lush christmas 2020
Kinky Boots Bubble Bar – $11.95
Lush Christmas 2020 bath bombs
Tick Tock Bath Bomb – $7.95

Look, it’s been a hellish year so it definitely calls for a bit of self-care – having a soak in the tub, scrubbing and polishing your skin, fluffing everything up with a mountain of bubbles, having a long hot shower after sitting in a bath until it goes tepid, all the good stuff.

Something I’m genuinely keen to hoof a whiff of is the new perfumes, because there’s nothing better than having that lingering Lush smell follow you around all day.

Nestled in with the Christmas goodies lies a little something that looks like it might just have captured the essence of the ultimate Aussie summer, what I imagine will slingshot me back into the days of living in my Roxy bikini and when everyone wore puka shell necklaces and Sun In in their hair.

This Frangipani perfume.

Lush Christmas 2020
Frangipani Perfume – $70

That flower is 100% the smell of summer in the early to mid-2000s, and I remember everyone had decals of that damn flower on their cars, and clips in their hair, and just went mad for those tropical little flowers. That’s what I hope this new perfume smells like.

If you’re looking for a little self-care treat, or you’re being smart and getting on the Chrissy present buying train early for once this year, you can peep the whole Lush Christmas range over on the website right now.