I bloody love a bath, especially when it involves dropping a hefty bath bomb in there and letting the thing fizz itself into aromatic dream water. But I also have, you know, shit to do. In life. And can’t just take long baths willy-nilly.

I feel like you’re probably in the same boat – you love the self care of a bath full of essential oils and what-not, but you have zero time to indulge in the process of having a bath. Or! You don’t even HAVE A BATH, so the only times you get to luxuriate in one is on fancy holidays… that you also never take.

Lush have your back. Literally – they’ve just announced a new product for Australia, the limited edition Shower Bombs. Part of theirĀ  new Lush Mood range, the bombs are a move to redefine aromatherapy.

Not Sleepy Shower Bomb, $5.50

Basically, each shower bomb will fizz upon contact with water, and you use them by crushing them in your hands, breathing in their epic scent, and scrubbing your body. Ground white rice adds a bit of a body scrub to the bombs, too.

Koyaanisqatsi Shower Bomb, $5.50

They’re available now until the end of the month, or until sold out – so get cracking, mates.

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