Lush Has Dropped A Yummy-Looking Easter Range That You Will Want To Eat, But Probably Shouldn’t

Lush Easter

Iconic, deliciously-scented, cute-as-hell cosmetics brand Lush has dropped their Easter range, and it’s almost (almost) as good as eating an entire packet of full-size Cadbury creme eggs all to yourself. Big call, I know, but just cop a look at what Lush is slinging this Easter.

Lush Easter

I cannot cope with the cuteness! So festive, so very nearly edible. There’s nine new limited edition Easter goodies to sink your teeth into (not actually, but you will want to).

First up, just cop the five brand-new Lush bath bombs that are all insanely cute and pastel coloured, perfect for Easter. There’s this cheeky little bunny, who looks like a marshmallow but apparently smells like a citrus rainbow.

LUSH Easter
Follow The White Rabbit bath bomb, $6.95

There’s this eggy boi, which is as good a start to your morning as actual breakfast, with “uplifting Sicilian lemon oil and refreshing spearmint oil” to make you feel awakened and invigorated.

Eggy Wegg bath bomb, $9.95

There’s also the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb, which is named because you smash it open to release the glorious honey scent. It’s deeply satisfying, sorry Humpty.

Humpty Dumpty bath bomb, $12.95

I’m personally obsessed with the hot pink and bright teal vibes of the Flamingo Egg, which is a very on point candy-scented bath bomb just right for the most sugary holiday of the year.

Flamingo Egg bath bomb, $9.95

How’s this for illegally cute: it’s the owl and the pussycat! In a little boat together! It all smells like vanilla and strawberries!

LUSH Easter
The Owl and the Pussycat bath bomb, $11.95

Lush is also slinging this ingenious floral-scented bubble bar creation that you can actually blow bubbles through, which was 100% my favourite bathtime activity as a kid. Will I be doing it again as an adult? You bet your squeaky-clean ass I will!

Singing Daffodil bubble blower, $8.95

I’m losing my mind over Walter Bunny, a gold Lindt-looking rabbit who is actually a gentle exfoliator and body butter in one. And of course, he smells like chocolate.

Walter Bunny body butter, $15.95

Taking the bunny theme and running, Lush has also launched a soap bar called Muddy Carrots, made up a creamy carrots and rhassoul mud, which Lush actually source from Morocco — according to Lush, its foamy exfoliating properties have been used by North African people for hundreds of years.

Muddy Carrots soap, $10.95

Rounding out the nine new products is the Funfetti Cake lip scrub, and really Lush is tempting me here with their almost-edible products because this is used dangerously close to my mouth. Perfect for those chapped lips you gets as soon as the cooler weather sets in, this gentle exfoliant is cake flavoured and even has sprinkles. Goddammit.

Funfetti Cake lip scrub, $11.95

All nine new products from the Lush easter range are available online or in-store for a limited time, alongside old faves like the Golden Eggs bath melts and the Avo Good Easter soaps.