19 Gift Ideas For Foodies Because They’re Already Planning Christmas Dinner And Deserve A Little Treat

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Being a foodie is more than just enjoying food. You have to feel it deep down in your soul (see: stomach). A pure love of food that comes from enjoying a meal or snack with all the senses. Food is one of the ultimate forms of pleasure, and foodies know how to do it right.

Whether it’s cooking food, eating food or both, we all know at least one foodie, and what better way to celebrate them and their love of all things delicious than with a list of gift ideas that’ll make them smile this Christmas.

From cookbooks and candles, to tech and apparel, here’s our guide to the best Christmas gifts for foodies.

Kilner Preserving 8 Piece Starter Set

Helping the environment and still having jam on my toast? Win, win. This preserving starter set can be used to make jam, pickles, or even fruit butters.

gifts for foodies

Ulster Weavers Forest Friend Sage Apron

This cute cotton apron has little woodland creatures all over it, and is perfect for making sure you don’t get flour all over your clothes while you’re baking. It’s also a simple and practical gift.

Meater Smart Meat Thermometer

The foodies that get it, get it. Cooking meat is serious business, especially when you’re trying to get the perfect flavour and texture. This smart meat thermometer has an app to help you achieve the perfect steak every time.

gifts for foodies

Bubble Glass Iced Tea Jug

Now that summer is here, it’s time to whip out the refreshing drinks to cool off. If your gift recipient doesn’t have an iced tea jug, now’s the time to get them one so you can enjoy some cold, fruity tea at their house.

Family Cookbook Recipe Journal

This recipe journal is a great way for your gift recipient to record all of the recipes they know. Whether it’s something their grandparents cook or a recipe they’ve come up with themselves, they’ll enjoy spending the time to record each recipe by hand.

gifts for foodies

Breakfast Buddies Oodie

Oh, to be a smiling breakfast food on an Oodie. Let your foodie friend live out their cosy breakfast fantasy in this food-themed Oodie.

Baccarat Butchers Corner Acacia Timber End Grain Board

Everybody needs a chopping board, even if they aren’t a cook. This solid and sturdy block of wood is great for anything, from chopping up veggies to buttering your toast. It’s a great gift for foodies because it an be used for both cooking and eating.

gifts for foodies

Ember Temperature Control Mug 2

If the person you’re buying a gift for is notorious for forgetting about their tea or coffee, a temperature control mug is a fantastic foodie gift idea. This smart mug can also be controlled from your phone, so you can have your coffee at the perfect temperature for hours.

Little Acre Mushroom Growing Kit

Does your gift recipient live in a small house? Maybe they don’t have mushroom for growing plants in their apartment. In that case, this mushroom growing kit will fix them right up.

gifts for foodies

WoodArtValley Hot Jam Donut Soy Candle

One of the best things about candle technology (is that what it’s called?) is the ability to make candles smell like almost anything.

This candle smells like a hot jam donut — and somebody get me a napkin quick, because I’m drooling.

Ogilvie & Co. Truffle Gift Pack

If you don’t know your gift recipient too well, this gift pack of Truffle salt, oil and mustard is a great way to get them something nice without worrying that they’ll hate it.

gifts for foodies

Mini Sundae Jibbitz 5 Pack

Everyone loves Crocs, so what better way to show your foodie friend you care than getting them this cute set of dessert-themed Jibbitz to poke in the holes of their clogs.

Chotto Motto Crispy Chilli Oil

The best thing about a good chilli oil is that not only is it a great gift, but you can put it on basically any food. This crispy chilli oil is made in Australia and inspired by Japanese cuisine.

gifts for foodies

Koko Black Australian Native Praline Gift Box

A good food gift guide should always include some kind of chocolate. So we’ve gone and found these pralines that use native Australian ingredients and flavours for an indulgent Christmas gift.

Blue Q Tea Towel

The ultimate foodie is someone who loves a cheeky delivery dinner. This tea towel with a stack of takeaway containers is a great gift idea for foodies who love (or hate) doing the dishes.

gifts for foodies

Orrsum Sock Company Burger Socks

Don’t forget the pickles. These burger socks are super cute, plus there’s three pairs in one burger. It’s the perfect gift for foodies who love to wear their passion.

Joseph Joseph Serve It In Style Salad Bowl, Servers and Mill Set

It’s not just about how the food tastes, it’s about how you serve it, too. This simple salad server set even comes with salt and pepper mills so you can chuck out those see-through plastic ones from the shops.

gifts for foodies

Nat’s What I Reckon Smash Hits Recipes

gifts for foodies

Everyone’s favourite Aussie YouTube chef, Nat, has his own cookbook. Including recipes like his famous End of Days Bolognese and Get Fucked Roast Potatoes. This is the perfect gift idea for no-nonsense foodies who loves a bit of Australian spoice.

Phone Tripod Stand With Wireless Remote

If you’re looking for gift ideas for foodies that love to post their latest eats on Insta, a phone tripod stand is a great way to help them get the best shots of that once-in-a-lifetime dessert.

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