Office Secret Santa Gifts Under $50 That Aren’t Another Sodding Candle

secret santa

As we get balls-deep into office Christmas party season, a fair few of us are officially struggling to find a work Secret Santa gift.

I mean, I’m all for Christmas presents, but finding the right thing to buy your colleague, who you might know sweet FA about, can somehow feel like a bit of a trap. Get something too boring and you might be sidelined for that next promotion. Get something too spicy and you might get a call from HR.

[jwplayer WN6Q3XAn]

And, in addition to finding something that’s equal parts thoughtful and goddamn hilarious, your present buying is also capped at 50 buckaroonies (max). More often than not, the price point is even lower, at the $20 and even $10 mark, making shopping infinitely harder.

Here we round up a load of genius gift ideas to buy your work Secret Santa, that won’t leave you fired, demoted or broke as shit.

For the one who’s always first to crack open the grog on a Friday arvie:

Recipe Cocktail Shaker, $39.95 at Showpo

For the one who always has some FOMO-inducing holiday on the cards:

Scratch Map, $45 at Chart & Map Shop

For that random you have barely spoken to but are somehow Facebook friends with:

Personalised Socks, $21.82 at Make Custom Gifts

For the very capable office foodie:

Food Dice, $24 at Amazon

For that random hippy who’s always off on some self-care yoga retreat:

Gypsy Oil, $42 at Lux Aestiva

For the one who’s honest-to-god OBSESSED with their dog:

Pet Selfie Stick, $9.99 at Amazon

For the one who never seems to shut up about how tired they are:

Silk Eyemask, $50 at Shhh

You know exactly who this bad boy’s for:

Mug, $19.99 at Yellow Octopus

Godspeed, my friends.

The only other thing left to do now is make sure you don’t get completely hooned on the night – which is slightly less easy.