12 Pairs Of Christmas Pyjamas So Cute, Even The Grinch In Your Life Might Wear Them

Christmas Pyjamas
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Guys, I can’t believe I’m actually writing this but December is mere days away. Like, first of all: HOW?! But also, you know what December means. Your sacred plastic Chrissy tree is mere hours from being resurrected, along with those painfully tangly Christmas lights you must erect every year to forgo feeling like the Grinch. It’s now also socially acceptable for fuck-off massive Xmas displays to crop up in shopping centres, with shop fronts lined with Christmas pyjamas, and for ball-breakingly bad carols to play everywhere and anywhere, on repeat.

That’s right folks, Christmas is officially nigh.  The looming air of festive cheer will either make you feel like the Grinch or Buddy the elf, depending on your vibe.

If you fall into the former Grinch category, my deepest condolences. Aside from having to put up with the absolute insanity of crowded car parks and tacky decorations, you also have to deal with those cooked individuals who froth Christmas more than cricket fans froth over The Ashes.

Us in our Christmas PJs on December 25th.

I am one of those people. If it’s not you personally, it might be your partner’s younger sister, your brother or even your uncle. Whoever they are, one thing’s for sure: every group has a designated festive friend.

And chances are, if they’re in your family or friendship group, you’re going to be forced to wear matching Christmas PJs come December 25th. I’ve already sent all my Christmas morning attendees a bunch of festive options. They’re cute, easy to find, relatively cheap, and will easily excite the soul for many, many years to come.

Here we’ve rounded up the best Christmas pyjamas you can buy RN.

Cotton On

Sleigh! These little Santa PJs from Cotton On are so freaking cute. You’ve got a little button-up paired with some shorties, and bonus points, they come in five festive patterns.

And so the blokes don’t feel left out, there are also these uni-sex PJs covered in candy canes. Yum!

Peter Alexander

To quote our favourite green man, “Tomorrow is Christmas. It’s practically here!” — so why not wake up in this Grinch-y little getup?

Looking for a more subtle Christmas vibe? This silky satin forest green set feels festive without screaming “Deck the halls”.


If you’re a big Oodie fan, then you’ll know that waking up and crawling into one of the bad bois is the ultimate form of cosiness. So it’s only fitting to wear one on Christmas morning.

Kip & Co

Prefer wearing over-sized T-shirts to bed? We’ve got you. Kip & Co have this comfy candy cane sleep tee that we swear is almost as cosy as that old ex-boyfriend’s shirt you’ve been rocking all these years.

Bras N Things

Another subtle option? This little red set from Bras N Things.

If you’re in for an adults-only Christmas, waking up in this silky little slip dress is a great way to start December 25th.


For all the folks who have already got Elf on repeat, a pair of PJs we’re 100 per cent Buddy would approve of.

Sorry, but how comfy (and cute) does this sleep tee look? It’s covered in candy canes, gingerbread men, bonbons, cookies, hot choccies, Santa hats and more.

Midnight Mischief

OMGOMGOMG, how cute are these stripy Christmas pyjamas? The best part though, you can get matching ones for the whole sharehouse.

Now that you’ve got your Christmas pyjamas sorted, it’s time to wrap up your present shopping. Need some more gift ideas? You can shop our gift guide here.

Image Credit: Bras N Things / Target / Peter Alexander