26 Stackable Earrings To Prove That Having Multiple Piercings Is Actual Hot Girl Shit

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I recently got my ears re-pierced after 23 long years of having lop-sided piercings — thanking piercing guns for that one. When I got them done, I also decided to get even more piercings, including extra lobe ones and a flat cartilage piercing because who doesn’t want a cool golden snake inside their ear? Also, stackable earrings are a fashion statement that look good on anyone, and I’m down for anything that gives an air of effortless chic.

But while wearing the earrings is effortless, finding pairs that look good combined with other pieces of jewellery can be difficult. Especially since there are so many good brands out there now.

So, if you don’t have hours to spend virtually window shopping or falling into a rabbit hole of studs, hoops, and earring stack sets, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gone hunting for earrings ranging from chic and classic, to over-the-top statement pieces.

Here’s some of our favourite stackable earrings for if you’re one of our pals with multiple piercings.


stackable earrings

These Chain Hoop Earrings come in white, yellow and rose gold and are perfect for making your ear candy look moreish.

stackable earrings

She doesn’t need to be loud when she’s the hottest thing in the room. These Gold Hook Earrings are making a statement and we’re listening.


stackable earrings

I love an earring that already looks like it’s stacked, and these Matisse Hoops by Avant Studio have a split in the middle to give the illusion of multiple ear holes.

We love a petite stud to add to the top of the stack or in the middle of the ear cartilage. Avant Studio’s Aria Stud Earrings are perfect for adding some spice to your ear curation with interesting shapes and a shiny gem in the middle.


stackable earrings

If you’re a fan of sleeper earrings but are looking for something a little more interesting than just a circle of metal, these Fine Sphere Hoops have a cute little ball attached to the main hoop. There’s also the option to buy an individual hoop or buy them as a pair, which is super helpful if you’re looking to get one for an asymmetrical look.

This Cerulean Cartilage Earring is elegant and the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It’s like having a tiny piece of the ocean on your ear.


stackable earrings

Our faves over at Mejuri, make these beautiful Large Croissant Dôme Hoops. Made with 18k gold vermeil, these babies won’t make your lobes green — especially if you’re someone who likes to shower without having to strip all their jewellery off. They’re also the perfect accessory to help you nail the Parisian clean girl aesthetic.

If you’re not a fan of the bulky croissant shape, these smaller Beaded Huggie Hoops do the same job, but in a slightly more understated way. These also come in silver if gold isn’t your style.


stackable earrings

We love a simple hoop that can go with any outfit. These Liquid Sleeper Earrings are neutral enough that they can be stacked with almost anything else in your jewellery box.

If you want something that’s going to make more of a statement, these chunky star hoops are sure to catch everyone’s eye. The gems inside are coloured cubic zirconas, while the actual hoop is sterling silver plated in 18 karat gold. You’ll be shining like a star.


stackable earrings

Made by Australian label Chuchka, this gold-plated set of stackable earrings gives you the opportunity to cop the whole kit at once, so you can bling out your ears immediately. We’re obsessed with the gold dangly chains in this earring stack set. It also comes with a free jewellery case for storing your face pieces.

These Princess Huggies by Fairley will have you feeling like absolute royalty. The queen of earring stacks even.


Huge earrings Australia, huge earrings, earrings gold, stacked earrings stackable earrings

Locket necklaces had a moment a little while ago, and I’m calling it — locket earrings are about to be the next best thing. They’re also super sophisticated while still looking understated. This means you can layer them with a bunch of different studs and sleepers without making your ear stacks look crowded.

These gold hoops have a flatter design than traditional hoops, meaning you can see the geometric shape on the ear rather than just the front of the jewellery.


stackable earrings

I’m conscious a lot of these options have been geared towards my gold earring girlies because I myself am a gold girlie, but this choice is specially dedicated to my silver jewellery stans — I promise I haven’t forgotten about you.

There’s just something about studs that aren’t just a giant gemstone. Bonus points if they have an interesting shape, like these Three Dot Studs.


stackable earrings

By Charlotte’s entire range is sooo utterly dainty and elegant — and these Eternal Peace Hoops are just the tip of the iceberg. So, if that aligns with your personal aesthetic, now’s your time to shine, baby.

Bring your taste level to the max with these cute af stud earrings. Their shape and small size makes them perfect for a gold stacked earring curation.


stackable earrings

While you can do no wrong with dainty and elegant ear stacks, I think this earring stack set bridges the gap between simple and something a little more blingy for those nights you feel EXTRA.

Become one with the ocean when you wear these cute shell-shaped gold earrings.


stackable earrings

You can never go wrong with simple gold hoops. They come in 14k finish in yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver, which also means they won’t go green in your ears. We promise. The gold will also look gorgeous in a well thought-out stacked earring curation.

stackable earrings

These tiny sun-shaped studs are the perfect addition to your earring stack. There’s even a matching necklace charm so you can bring sunny warmth wherever you go.


These stackable earrings, on the other hand, are a simple Lovisa pair, so I can’t guarantee they won’t go green if you wear them every day, but if you are looking for a statement piece to chuck in occasionally, they will do the job. The silver chains make them look more luxe than they actually are. Lovisa also stocks a variety of earring stack sets, which are perfect if you’re just starting out.

stackable earrings

While you do need to be careful when it comes to looking after Lovisa earrings, there’s no denying that they have some of the cutest designs, like these stackable hoop earrings with tiny bees on them.


From the same brand that brought us the iconic star sign necklace, these gorgeous gold mini hoop earrings are the perfect base for stacking because they’re unique, but also understated, which leaves space for you to get creative for your multiple piercings.

stackable earrings

These golden teardrop-shaped studs are giving us all the feels. Stack them with some smaller studs or hoops for an elegant look with multiple piercings.

Image credit: Kirstin Ash / By Charlotte