You Can’t Unsee This Model’s Infected-As-Hell Piercings, On Display In An Earring Campaign

As someone who has multiple piercings, and whose multiple piercings have experienced multiple infections, let me start off by saying – when I see someone with infected piercings, I feel their pain. Deeply. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me – the mere sight of someone’s crusty rings is enough to send me into a quivering empathic mess.

Such is the case with this poor model, whose earring photoshoot turned into quite the unfortunate spectacle when Twitter users began to notice that her own piercings looked very, very sore.

Twitter user @agsrem picked up on the crusty spectacle while scrolling through UK site Brandy Melville. The model was supposed to be showcasing a £5 silver key earring, but what she inevitably came to showcase was a very infected ear.

Once you see it, you simply can’t focus on anything else.

The editors may not have noticed the raw infections, but Twitter sure did.

I tend to agree with Maya, here. A model showcasing earrings with an ear infection is like a hand model showcasing a ring while nursing a finger infection… Obvious. Surely someone would have noticed it before it went live on site, especially given that we’re encouraged to look at the model’s ear to view the product for sale.

The product listening was eventually pulled from the site, but the Twitter screenshots will continue to float around and haunt everyone’s timelines (and eyeballs) for years to come, I’m sure.

But I do wish the model’s ears the best. I really do. Can someone make sure she’s applying some salt water to those bad boys, please?