5 Things You Didn’t Know About Abbey Lee Kershaw

Earlier this week the Times Online ran a brief but fascinating interview exposing the lesser known but more eccentric side of Abbey Lee Kershaw – Australia and quite possibly the World’s most in-demand model. Case in point? Off-kilter pets, secret tattoos and a fascination with pain. If you ever wanted to know more about the World’s most in demand clotheshorse – here are but five things to get you up to speed.

1) She has a pet lizard. Its name is Annie Hall and she frequently accompanies Abbey Lee to the pub. Perhaps oblivious to the hidden irony, Kershaw states that lizards are perfect pets for models because “They only need feeding once a fortnight. And I’m always travelling, so it’s perfect. If I had a dog, it would drop dead of starvation.”

2) She’s a former dancer. I’m no Doctor but I’m guessing that helps develop the body control and fitness required to be a world-class model?

3) She loves piercings and tattoos. Kershaw has tattoos on the palm of her hand, a peace sign on her little finger and two on the side of her stomach. They’re all inked in white to remain inconspicuous but the most covert tattoo on Kershaw’s body is the word truth pinned on the inside of her lip (because homemade tattoos rule). She also has ten piercings in her nipple, nose, belly and ears.

4) She’s comfortable with her sexuality. Like modeling compatriot Catherine McNeil “I’ve always swung both ways” says Kershaw “So it’s a bit different for me. I don’t call myself bisexual: I’m just experimental. I was always looking for somebody to sweep me off my feet, but then I got bored after two months and was on to the next.”

5) She has a fascination with pain and doesn’t feel shame – which incidentally makes her the ideal Sadomasochist convert. Speaking of the eyebrow raising Terry Richardson shoot for Purple Magazine above: “Terry doesn’t force girls to do anything they don’t want to. He puts you in a G-string in a pile of mud because you want to do it. You touch yourself because you want to. For me, that shoot was the truth about how things were between us both, and I felt good doing it. I’m not ashamed of it – why should I be?

And on pain: “I find the pain fascinating…I enjoy putting myself through it, which is weird because I’m scared of needles. It probably comes from when I was four and dying of meningitis and had to have two spinal taps. I was always in hospital as a kid: I had a tumour on my knee, lots of broken bones. I loved climbing trees.”

Bonus fact you didn’t want to know about Abbey Lee Kershaw: She once wet the bed and as a result – her boyfriend at the time.

Via Times Online