A Guide To Nailing Multiple Ear Piercings

Sometime in the last couple of years, having an ear full of piercings became a top tier style trend. An easy 50% of chic models, influencers and fashion folk have at least two or more different types going on, and every few months there’s a new hot piercing that does the rounds on social media.

But what are they all? And which ones can you handle in terms of your pain threshold (coz obviously, stabbing a needle through someones ear is gonna hurt), and maintenance? We did the hard yards for you – here’s everything you need to know before hitting your local piercing parlour.
Let’s start with the basics. Most of Australian women and a hell of a lot of Aussie men have at least one lobe piercing. It’s like a teenage right of passage, waiting for Mum to let you go to the chemist and get some Studex studs. If you’re a piercing beginner, getting a second lobe piercing can be a great place to start – these are the least painful given the lack of cartilage, and you can play with the cute trend of popping a sleeper hoop or chain earring through the two so it sits horizontally. These usually heal after around 6-8 weeks.

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Another super popular piercing of late, the tragus is the little knobbly bit of cartilage poking out from your head. People often go with a stud or a small hoop here, but damn if this piercing doesn’t hurt. It also takes quite a while to completely heal – expect to be waiting 4-8 months for it to be completely sorted. This is cos cartilage has less blood flow, therefore takes longer to heal up. Worth it for how good it looks though, right?

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That little bit of cartilage right above your earlobe? That’s called the anti-tragus, and it’s another cool spot for an extra piercing. Since it’s similar in thickness to the tragus, the healing times and pain level are similar. 

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Any piercing on the cartilage that runs from the end of your earlobe, right around to the top of your ear is called a helix piercing. Getting a couple close to the top with two sleeper hoops is like the lazy persons easy take on this whole piercing trend – they look super cool, and you can just leave ’em in – dainty sleeper hoops go with everything. The annoying thing about helix piercings is they take a bloody long time to heal – expect to wait up to a year. Pain with these is debatable – some people say it’s not that bad, others say it’s on par with a tragus piercing.

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This one’s become popular in the last year – the daith is that little row of cartilage that ends your helix, running along your inner ear. Daith piercings are not for the faint hearted – they hurt, arguably the most painful ear piercing of them all, and they take 6-12 months to heal up. Daith piercings look best with a small hoop or small bar through them.
Piercing through the inner, flat part of your ear is called a conch piercing. There’s the upper conch, which is the top flat part, or inner conch – the lower section. They’re on par with the daith for pain levels, which makes sense given how thick the cartilage is there. But a small stud on your conch can really compliment a few lobe piercings. You can also get your conch pierced closer to the helix, and try a sleeper ring running around it like above. Again, expect to wait 6-12 months for full healing to take place.
The most important thing to remember when getting any kind of fancy piercing beyond the simple, single lobe kind is to go to a trained piercing specialist. Most people will tell you piercing guns should not be used for anything beyond a single lobe, and even that is up for debate these days. Basically, a professional using a needle will be able to get accurate placement and are actually considered more hygienic.
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