Tell Us What You Would Do With $20k Every Month For A Chance To Score A $500 Gift Card

If you’ve been scrolling on TikTok for countless hours like the rest of us, you might have come across a fair few financial TikToks telling you how to handle your money. Recently, billionaire Marc Cuban has been getting some backlash for suggesting the working class abandon their weekly latte and instead, invest that money elsewhere. And to Marc I say, if that latte enhances my life, then I’ll have that latte, thankyou.

We’re all probably feeling some level of financial stress right now. Whether that’s by emptying our online shopping carts after a long night of window shopping, dropping Netflix because we can’t mooch off our mates anymore, or working paycheque to paycheque to chase that dream.

Our financial situations are all unique, and for that reason, we wanna hear your thoughts and feelings about money, earning money AND spending money.

If all that good karma finally paid off, and you received $20k every month to spend at your leisure, what would you do? Would you invest that cashola into starting your dream business? Travel the globe? Or would you be a rich person working on making a meaningful impact on the world? Tell us what you would do in this little survey below. Worry not! It should only take a few short minutes, and you may be rewarded with a girthy prize

Now, to your reward…

To help spoil your inner shopaholic, we’re giving away a $500 Prezee gift card and once you hit submit on that survey, you’ll go into the running to claim this bad boy.

They can be used at over 25 million stores worldwide online and in-store, so you’ll be just that little bit closer to copping your next winter wardrobe update or replacing all those dead house plants you forgot to water.

Good luck!

The T&C’s can be read, here.

Image: Malcolm In The Middle