9 Hooded Towels That’ll Become Your Bestie During The Summer Months

hooded towels
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I’m currently in my morning dip and sip era. You know those annoying people on Instagram who get up at like 5am, go exercise, swim at the beach, and have a coffee all before 7am? Yep, that’s me, and I’m heaps smug about it. Mostly because at the end of my dip, pre-sip, I get to curl up in my hooded towel and stroll to my local to pick up a coffee. There’s something about it that really sets up my day.

Hooded towels are like the summer version of an Oodie. They’re cosy, make you feel safe and, in my world, count as clothing post-beach. And they’re not just for little kids, brands like Billabong, Roxy, Rip Curl, Star Gazer, Hurley and Oodie all make versions of them for adults. So you no longer have to be jealous of all the little sandy crumb cutlets running around at the beach in their hooded towels looking all comfy and shit.

If, like me, you’re in your hooded towel era, I’ve gone and found nine different brands that make your new summer essential.

The Best Hooded Towels for Summer


Hooded towel

The legends that make those comfy wearable blankets also make a towel version, too. Made from a quick dry cotton fabric, it’s breathable, lightweight, and comes in various colours and patterns.


Of course, Billabong made a damn good hooded towel. Plus, it comes in a cute beachy, floral print.

Star Gazer

Hooded towel

Famous for their sand-free towels, Star Gazer also makes a lightweight, summer alternative to the standard heavier hooded towels.

Rip Curl

Rip Curl also makes a bunch of ’em, which are perfect for that post-surf post-run change.


Hooded towel

There’s this really cute printed one from Roxy.


Hurley also makes a range of towel hoodies for everyone, including kids.

Salty Life

Hooded towel

For the blokes, Salty Life also makes some decent hooded towels like this black one that’s giving salty sea dog vibes.


Swell also makes some super affordable hooded towels in a range of different colours.


Hooded towel

If you’re looking for a hooded towel that’s less vanilla than your block-coloured, bbs, check out this fun checkered print from Dritimes.

Image Credit: Star Gazer / Oodie