12 Pressies To Buy Very Small Children If You Have No Fkn Idea Where To Start

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It’s a fact that Christmas is infinitely more fun when you’re a kid — there’s the whole Santa thing, it’s school holidays, you get bulk presents, and life is good. But when you’re a baby or toddler, you’re so tiny you can’t fathom what is going on. But for us people with babies and little ones in our family/friendship circle, we still have to buy them a token gift. So we need gift ideas for babies, toddlers and kids!

I don’t have a toddler or a baby, but I seem to be surrounded by people who do. So I’ve gone ahead and done the Lord’s work and asked them what the fuck to buy their small children because I have no fucking idea. Here’s my running list of baby, toddler and kids pressie ideas, so you can simply ‘add to cart’.

You’re welcome!

Gift ideas for babies, toddlers and kids

An Oodie Towel

As someone who has five nieces and nephews, I can confirm that these Oodie hooded beach towels are a bloody great gift idea, especially heading into summer.

A Novelty Drink Bottle

‘Cos BPA-free is good for the environment, and Frank Green Bottles aren’t just for adults. The iconic brand has made these cute-as kiddie drink bottles that will keep drinks cool during what promises to be a sweltering summer. There’s a whole bunch of different little gremlins available if you want to give the little one in your life something to suit their personality.

Gift ideas for babies Gift ideas for toddlers Gift ideas for kids

On-Trend Skincare

Aesthetic skincare brands aren’t just for us adults — Aussie brand Go-To has also got the prettiest prods that are super kind to baby skin. It comes with Sud Bud, a super-gentle bath gel, Super Softy, a nourishing, protective, and calming body lotion, and Skin Wizard, a silky, soothing body oil, perfect for a baby massage. Go-To has also included its Transformazing sheet mask for Mum bc she deserves a little treat, too.

Wooden Toys

Speaking of good for the environment, how about you ditch plastic toys for good old-fashioned wooden ones? Janod makes the most adorable wood-based toys for little ones, and these dino building blocks are good for stimulating developing baby brains. Fun and educational — the parents will love ya.

Gift ideas for babies Gift ideas for toddlers Gift ideas for kids

A Sun Hat

No hat, no play (is that still a thing?). These hats from Purebaby are the bloody cutest for the little tots in your life. A very sensible, sun-safe gift that is also very cool, design-wise.

A Little Lego

It’s a right of passage to own LEGO growing up, so why not give the little one in your life their first set? Or if they’re already obsessed, their new favourite.

Gift ideas for babies Gift ideas for toddlers Gift ideas for kids

This Reusable Colour In Placemat

Parents are going to love you for this one. This reusable colouring-in placemat is for all those times the folks are at the pub and the kids are bored AF. It should provide enough entertainment to get them through a meal.

Wlison & Frenchy Organic Cot Sheets

Styling a baby’s room is one of the funniest parts about the lead-up to having a bb, so a gift that benefits both new mum and bub, is an excellent idea. We love these organic Cot sheets from Wilson and Frenchy.

Gift ideas for babies Gift ideas for toddlers Gift ideas for kids

A Cute Beach Chair

Izimini Baby Camping Chairs are a beautiful gift idea leading into summer. They’re lightweight, easy to fold up, and comes with a carry cover, and attachable tray for it’s snack time.

Some Swimming Goggles

Given we’re in the throes of summer, a cute set of goggles are a wonderful (and affordable) gift idea.

Gift ideas for babies Gift ideas for toddlers Gift ideas for kids

A Fun Tricycle Rocker 2-in-1

This present rocks, quite literally. The ultimate 2-in-1, this rocker actually turns into a trike, the perfect toy to grow with the child. Suitable from 12 months, the child starts on the rocker to help them develop a sense of balance, once they’ve mastered that you can remove the wooden rocker base to convert it into a retro three-wheeled trike.

Some Cool Sneakers

We spied these and thought, the cool aunt or uncle would buy these for their little mini.

Gift ideas for babies Gift ideas for toddlers Gift ideas for kids

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