9 Face Serums For Those Who Have No Fkn Clue About Skincare, But Want Glowy Skin

Best face serums
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Our Instagram and TikTok feeds are filled – and by filled, we mean dominated – by people who live and die by their skincare regime. Hell, we even know people who literally spend up to four god-forsaken hours completing their 12-step routine every night before bed. Between us, that honestly sounds like a living nightmare to our lazy arses.

So, if you’re in the latter of those two camps and have no clue what a niacinamide serum is, and still think vitamin C is just something you’ll find in your morning OJ, then don’t worry – we’re here for you, bestie.

A while ago, we did a whole story about where to start, but TBH even we just want someone to tell us what to buy sometimes. Nobody really wants to go and read a bunch of ambiguous labels on products to see what ingredients are in there.

We’ve rounded up some of our fave serums for you little skincare bebés.

The best face serums in Australia


best face serums

This is one of the best vitamin C serums you can slip, slop, slap onto your face (in our opinion). Lately, we’ve been loving The Body Shop’s new vitamin C range. Every time we’ve applied it, we’ve noticed our skin has had that little more oomph to it than usual. It’s been looking brighter, fresher and glowier than ever before.

This face serum is made with 10% vitamin C (we love a high percentage) and bakuchiol – a lil retinol dupe that makes the whole product 92% natural in origin. J’adore.


best face serums

This one comes in as one of the first off the ranks because it’s our holy grail. We’ve been using this serum for years no matter what state our skin is in (dry, being a sensitive little bitch, whatever) it doesn’t irritate and does its job.

It hydrates fights fine lines, evens skin tone and makes skin look all fresh and radiant. It is a wee bit pricey, but a little goes a long way, so you won’t burn your way through a bottle or anything.


Developed in partnership with the reigning queen of skincare, Hannah English, this lightweight serum is perfect for y’all who have sensitive or dry skin.

From being super hydrating (thanks to all the barrier-protecting ceramides) to calming any angry redness you might have from time to time, she really is such an all-rounder staple.


best face serums

Hoo boy, how’s that price amirite? Well, put that big fat number aside for a moment, and listen up. This is the serum that a) dermatologists and facialists recommend daily, and b) beauty editors properly swear by.

The first point is important because you know it works and contains all the necessary potent ingredients if the dermatologists are giving it the green light. The second point? Some of our ex-beauty editors will tell you now how they’ve tried 38,560,273 face serums for free, and that if they’d have to put down their own cash for something, it’s for this bad boy.

C E Ferulic is all about preventing premature ageing — it provides eight times your skin’s natural protection from photo-aging (what UV rays do to your skin) – wild.


best face serums

E-Commerce Writer Tiffany Forbes uses this every morning, and she reckons it’s phenomenal.

It has a bit of a pong (thanks to all that Ascorbic Acid), but it’s worth it for the amazing glow and evened-out skin tone. Basically, vitamin C is crucial to get into your skincare routine because it fights against sun damage, which is one of the primo things (especially under our Aussie sun) that makes you look older than you are, c/o fine lines and pigmentation.


Okay, this is technically an essence and not a face serum, but you use it at the same time in your routine, and it had to be included — SK-II essence is iconic, and loads of folks swear by it. But it is kind of polarising.

In our experience people with normal/oily skin love it sick, while people with dry skin sometimes find it does nothing for them. But it definitely has super-fans, so it’s worth at the very least visiting an SK-II counter and seeing if you can score a sample to try.


Pimple-prone folks, this one is for you. This combo of ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of blemishes and skin congestion (read: blackheads). They also help to balance visible sebum activity, meaning over time you’ll probably notice less of an oily sheen to your skin.


best face serums

This is kind of a face oil cross-face serum, but like SK-II and Advanced Night Repair, it’s a long-time fave of many people globally and is worth including. It helps to regenerate skin while you sleep — our skin is working overtime during the night to repair itself from daily aggressors, so it’s a great time to get started on serums.

The evening primrose helps with the regeneration, while lavender helps to soothe inflamed or irritated skin. Squalane then works to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.


best face serums

Again, this is a vitamin C-based serum, so it’s best to pop on in the morning to give your face a good chance of fighting sun damage. It’s also hydrating and has a sweet collagen boost in there.

It’s kind of a modern classic in a way, seeing as US Sephora has 3,000 reviews for this baby, and it’s still got a 4.3-star rating.