Glossier Girlies, Rise Up: The Cult Beauty Brand Is Finally Launching In Australian Stores

Glossier girlies, our time is now. You can officially stop asking your mates heading to the United States to bring you back a Boy Brow gel or Glossier You scent, because the cult beauty brand is finally coming to Australia.

Glossier is launching at Mecca stores in Australia and New Zealand on July 16, 2024. A full 28 of the brand’s most beloved products — yes, including Bow Brow — will be available to purchase. It’s also good news for beauty and skincare girlies who know the hype around Glossier, but aren’t sure which products will work for their skin. Nothing like popping into a Mecca store and trying on the products yourself, you know?

Once I have this in my hands it’s over for you bitches!!! (It’s my super thin eyebrows, they’re bitches.) Photo: Glossier.

“As a brand born on the internet, Glossier has had a global community base since day one, regularly speaking to beauty-obsessed customers around the world about their routines and favourite products,” Glossier’s CEO Kyle Leahy said. “We have been so lucky to consistently hear from community members across Australian and New Zealand about their love for Glossier, so it was critical to launch our brand in the region.”

See you in line on July 16 — I’ll be the one fighting for a Milky Jelly Cleanser with my cold, dry hands.

What Glossier products are coming to Mecca Australia and New Zealand?

  • Milky Jelly Cleanser, $37
  • Futuredew, $50
  • After Baume, $53
  • Priming Moisturiser – 50ml, $43
  • Priming Moisturiser Balance – 50ml, $43
  • Priming Moisturiser Rich – 50ml, $58
  • Super Bounce – 30ml, $56
  • Universal Pro Retinal – 35ml, $66
  • Solution – 130ml, $50
  • Stretch Foundation, $56
  • Stretch Concealer, $37
  • Cloud Paint, $37
  • Boy Brow, $37
  • Lash Slick, $33
  • Monochromes Eyeshadow, $37
  • Protip Liquid Eyeliner, $35
  • Lip Gloss, $30
  • Ultralip, $37
  • Generation G, $33
  • G Suit, $40
  • Balm Dotcom, $27
  • Lip Liner, $30
  • Glossier You – 50ml, $120
  • Glossier You – 100ml, $173
  • Glossier You Solid, $53
  • Glossier You Mini – 4ml, $53