Holy Shit, Fenty Is About To Drop A Skincare Line To Make Us All As Hot As Rihanna

fenty skincare

Beloved makeup brand Fenty is officially launching a skincare line, so now’s your chance to look like the queen Rihanna herself.

Three years after she changed the makeup game forever with her inclusive, diverse range of foundation shades, Rihanna is back to shake up the skincare game. And yes, I am convinced that dropping my hard-earned cash on a face serum will make me look exactly like Rihanna.

We already assumed a skincare line was in the works after Rihanna filed for a trademark of Fenty Skin last year. The trademark was reportedly for  “medicated and non-medicated skincare, soap, body care and personal care products (excluding colour cosmetics, perfume and other fragrance-only products), and related accessories such as kits, tools and applicators.”

What could this mean? Could we be getting our grubby little hands on the products that make Rihanna’s skin look so fierce? According to her makeup artist Priscilla Ono, RiRi is a huge fan of sheet masks, so here’s hoping she releases a kickass sheet mask to cure my problematic self-isolation skin.

Thanks to her interview in the May 2020 issue of British Vogue, we can now confirm that Fenty Skincare is on its way, and sooner than we previously expected.

“Skincare, it’s the truth. It either works or it doesn’t. There’s nowhere to hide,” Rihanna told British Vogue.  “I refuse to release anything that is not up to par with my quality level.”

If you thought Rihanna was just another celebrity slapping her name on a makeup brand, think again because the Umbrella singer even admitted that she personally writes all of the product descriptions and website copy, which proves she’s committed to the smallest details of her brand.

“Oh yeah! I write all of the copy for the websites, the product descriptions, product names, the colour names…” she told the magazine. “I do have a huge team, but I just don’t necessarily think their tone is mine. I’d feel like a fraud selling something that I can’t stand by.”

Despite letting slip that Fenty Skincare is definitely in the works, the multi-faceted creative queen remained tight-lipped on what we could expect from the collection, or when we’ll be seeing it. Here’s hoping she releases it soon enough for us to add it to our self-isolation skincare routines.