Amazon Fashion Is Offering Limited Edition Pieces Designed By Yr Fave Influencers

Amazon Fashion have just announced a new shopping experience, in which they’ve recruited some big global influencer names to create limited edition street style collections.

Called ‘The Drop‘, the collections will be made-on-demand and will only be available for 30 hours via the Amazon app. All Amazon customers across 100 countries and regions will have access to The Drop (including, obv, Australia).

Some of the names involved? Paola Alberdi, Sierra FurtadoEmi Suzuki Leonie Hanne and Patricia Bright.

Alongside the exclusive limited edition collections, Staples by The Drop will be launched, a range of wardrobe styles to build a head-to-toe look that complements the influencer designed collections, available all the time via the Amazon App, mobile browser or desktop.

The exact launch date for The Drop hasn’t been confirmed, but Amazon are encouraging folks to sign up here for further information as it… er… drops.