A new collaboration between one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and the Fur Free Alliance has sparked a change – Prada is no longer using animal fur in its designs and products as of next year.

As reported by the BBC, the fashion house – which includes Church’s shoes, Car Shoe, and Miu Miu – will stop including animal furs in its designs from 2020, starting with the spring/summer women’s collections.

Miuccia Prada, head designer of the Italian luxe fashion collective and founder of Miu Miu, put out a statement saying that the move to fur-free design aligns with their commitment to “innovation and social responsibility” and that shifting away from something the company is so well-known for will “allow the company to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products.

The luxe fashion brand is well-known for its use of animal furs, so this change in design directive is a pretty landmark development for the fashion industry. The Fur Free Alliance also put out a statement about Prada’s commitment to sustainable, ethical fashion, saying that the brand was “was one of the fastest companies to go fur-free once positive dialogue began a little more than a year ago.

It’s yet to be seen whether both Prada and Miu Miu will replace fur with faux-fur (which also has its environmental issues due to being made of synthetic and microplastics) but it will be selling through all remaining pieces that include animal fur, and then rolling out its newly designed products beginning with the Spring/Summer 2020 Women’s collections.

Prada house now joins other high-end designer brands like GucciBurberryArmaniVersace, and more in the Fur-Free Retailer initiative.

Source: BBC
Image: Getty Images / Edward Berthelot