A US Footy Fan Snuck An Entire Pumpkin Pie Into A Game & That’s How You Become President

There’s an immense amount of respect and awe that comes from spotting a fan in the stands at a packed football game who’s not only managed to circumvent the stadium’s prohibitive outside food bans or restrictions, but done so in a quantity that brings tears to the eyes. And while the AFL has previously seen staggering fan efforts like a charcuterie board at a Melbourne Demons game, or a full high tea setup on the boundary line while watching Port, I’m deeply afraid our American cousins have hopelessly outpaced us as of earlier this morning, thanks to one hungry, hungry Bears fan and the grand US tradition of Thanksgiving.

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At this morning’s clash in Chicago between the Bears and the New York Giants, a fan in the stands spotted the new King of Snacks sitting in front of him, sporting an entire goddamned pumpkin pie, complete with a full can of whipped cream to top it off.

Cop the confidence on that cream application. That’s a man that knows he’s gotten away with stone cold murder and is no longer afraid of the consequences.

My dude is settling in to watch the game with a giant meal-sized snack that rich toffs in the private boxes could only ever dream of.

Imagine being that good at food sneaking that you manage to get an actual aerosol can of whipped cream through America’s Checkpoint Charlie-ass stadium security screening? An insane achievement in and of itself.

In a real wholesome turn of events, it seems the pie was not meant for just one man, and was instead a gesture of giving and togetherness for all Bears fans in the vicinity. A subsequent video revealed that, following a Chicago touchdown, the pie handed out wedges of the Thanksgiving treat to anyone who wanted one.

You gotta be thankful for that.