Fan Spotted Enjoying High Tea At The Footy & Righto, That’s A New One


It seems like only yesterday when a Melbourne punter brought a whole bloody cheese board to the AFL in a move that can only be described as so deeply Melbourne. But now, almost two years later, a new contender has emerged from the humble grounds of Adelaide. 

[jwplayer qW8VIDvr]

During today’s JLT Community Series match between North Melbourne and Port Adelaide, one avid fan sitting in the front row had a delightful high tea set on show.

Captured at the Alberton Oval on Saturday, the AFL gave a little shoutout to the fan on social media.

Shoutout to the fan with the high tea and the front row seat to the @patrick_ryder4 and @robbiegray_9 show.” 

The AFL even tagged the Melbourne football club in the comments with a little cheese emoji.

See it for yourself below.

This is honestly quite a Saturday arvo mood.

However, until the contents of the high tea are revealed – if they ever will be – we’re afraid Melbourne still takes the fancy schmancy cake.

According to Redditthe Melbourne lad’s charcuterie board consisted of assorted cheese, a baguette, an avocado, cured meats, and a whole bloody salmon in his bag.

It appears that sometimes a simple Four’n Twenty just doesn’t do it. Sacrilege, we know.