It’s happened. It’s finally bloody happened. Ben Simmons, in regular NBA season play, against a regular NBA team, on a regular NBA court, with his own by-god hands, has shot and made a three.

Look. LOOK.

That’s a three! Ben Simmons hit a regulation, regular NBA season three! He’s on the board, baby! It’s finally bloody happened!

It’s not some sort of cruel trick or deep fake either. Look at the bloody box score.

Yes sir!


Understandably, social media has lost its ever-loving mind over this clearly historic moment, the moment where Ben Simmons truly became President or whatever.

There’s more than a few folks out there willing to retcon history as far their current and future kids are concerned, what with Simmons suddenly being the NBA’s most potent perimeter threat and all.

The corner three has paid off for more than just Simmons and the Sixers as well, with at least a small handful of fortunate punters cashing in on the absurd odds on offer.

There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, after all.

There you have it though folks. Ben Simmons, in the year of our lord 2019, has finally hit a three-point shot in regular NBA season play. Start the MVP chants right the hell now.

Image: Getty Images / Mitchell Leff