Kawhi Leonard’s First Official Game As An LA Clipper Got Him Booed Into Dust

Welp, turns out not everyone in Los Angeles is stoked that Kawhi Leonard is a Clipper.

The NBA season officially begins today, which means teams are slowly trotting out the 2K Fantasy Draft-ass rosters they sensationally cobbled together during this past off-season where it seemed like everyone chugged cough syrup and pissed themselves.

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One of the new-look outfits happens to be the Los Angeles Clippers, which reefed Leonard away from Toronto after he delivered a title to Canada and put him in the much more temperate Californian climate where no one cares about hockey and he’ll never have to choke down another Timbit again.

But even in his first official NBA game as a Los Angeles resident, poor Kawhi can’t seem to catch a break.

Thanks to some lovely scheduling, the Clippers drew cross-town rival LA Lakers first up. Meaning even though it’s technically a “home” game for the Clippers, the crowd inside Staples Centre was never going to be partisan.

And boy oh boy, didn’t Lakers fans let him know about it.

Kawhi’s arrival onto the court, for the first “official” time as a Clipper, was met with an avalanche of booing from Lakers fans. Hell, the hooting and hollering damn-near drowned him out completely during a pre-game interview.

That continued into the game too, with the boos cascading from the rafters when Leonard stepped to the line for the first time.

Brutal. Absolutely brutal.

On other end of the scale, Lakers fans were treated to a fairly rare sight, with LeBron James making good on a promise to bring back his long-dormant pre-game chalk toss.

Basketball’s back, baby. It’s better than ever! AwwOOOOOOooooOO!

Now hurry up and bring back the Sonics you absolute rank cowards.