LeBron James Inks A Four-Year, $154M Deal With The Los Angeles Lakers

It happened, mates. It actually bloody happened. Extremely strong reports indicate that LeBron James has agreed to a mammoth deal to pull on the forum blue and gold and play for the Los Angeles Lakers next season.

Perennial news-breaker Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN broke the news a short time ago, citing a press release seemingly issued by Klutch Sports, the athlete agency that represents LeBron.

That release claims James has agreed to terms on a four-year deal with the Lakers that would be worth a staggering US$154 million.

If true, this puts to bed long-simmering speculation about James’ immediate future in the NBA, with previous reports suggesting that he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers once again.

Other franchises such as the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers had been making overt public attempts to woo James to their teams, but the long-standing rumour that LeBron was angling to play in Los Angeles – where he owns property and lives most of the year – seems to have bared fruit.

This also means that, for the first time in his career, LeBron will be playing in the NBA’s Western Conference, eliminating the chance of next year’s NBA Finals being a fifth-consecutive showdown between the Golden State Warriors and whatever side LeBron is on.

Woj also dropped the bomb that, despite talks between San Antonio and Los Angeles cooling in recent days, Kawhi Leonard still remains hell-bent on becoming a Laker next season as well, lining the Lakers up to suddenly springboard back into title contention.

Cue: The internet.



And if there was ever any doubt, LeBron just confirmed it himself: He is a Cavalier no more.

Unbelievable scenes.