Kawhi Leonard Bent Time And Space With A Series-Winning Buzzer Beater

WELP. Sorry, Sixers fans. This fucken stings. Kawhi Leonard just ended the Philadelphia 76ers season on one of the most dramatic, agonising buzzer beaters in NBA Playoff history, hauling the Toronto Raptors into an Eastern Conference Finals berth in a gripping Game 7 triumph.

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The final seconds of the game were already dramatic enough thanks to Jimmy Butler tying the deciding clash up with just 4.2 seconds left on the back of a missed Toronto free throw and a cold-as-ice fast break.

But it was Leonard, ball in hand, who called series on the whole dang thing with a very last-second shot that took around five hours to drop, with the entire packed arena left on agonising tenterhooks for what felt like an eternity.

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.

It wasn’t just in the arena where people lost their minds either. Outside on the streets of Toronto, it was absolute bedlam.

There’s no point editorialising anymore. Let’s just check Twitter for the dang jokes already.

As for Philly fans, this from our good friend Michael Beveridge just about sums it all up.

Sorry Micky. Had to do it to you.

All hail Kawhi Leonard. The one true King in the North.

The Raptors are now set to face the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals in what’s set to be one hell of a matchup.

In the west, the Golden State Warriors will now take on the Portland Trail Blazers, following the Blazers’ similarly dramatic game 7 win against Denver earlier this morning.

Playoff basketball. It’s a hell of a thing, folks.