Drake Turned His Own Curse Against Philadelphia By Wearing Sixers Gear

The Drake Curse has felled many an unwitting sports team over the past however many years, with Drake’s appearance in a team’s jersey or colours sinking their immediate fortunes time and time again. However now, it would seem, Drake himself has figured out a way to not only circumvent the effects of the curse, but weaponise them against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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If you’re not already aware, the Drake Curse has been active since around 2013, and has summarily poisoned teams who have had the misfortune of crossing paths with Drake, either via players interacting with the rapper, or by Drake himself openly supporting them in public. The curse has felled countless teams and athletes over a number of years, and you can read about it more in-depth here.

Easily the biggest recipient of the curse has been his own, beloved Toronto Raptors, who have fallen short of ultimate success repeatedly ever since Drake ascended the ranks to be the NBA team’s most prominent fan.

But today, Drake may have found a loophole in the curse, and it’s one that had immediate results.

Instead of sitting courtside in his usual seat for today’s deciding Game 7 in the Raptors’ Eastern Conference Semifinal matchup against Philly, Drake watched the game from the comfort of his own home. And he did so while wearing 76ers shorts, thereby turning the focus of the curse onto the Sixers.

Lo and behold, Kawhi Leonard dropped a remarkable buzzer beater to sink the Sixers and clinch the series, sending Drake and his cohorts into fits of hysterics.


Drake has become all-powerful. He’s wielding the curse like a medieval flail. He’s gonna march down the main streets of Milwaukee carrying a sign reading “GIANNIS HAS TWO HEALTHY KNEES” in a hot minute. He cannot – CANNOT – be stopped.