For those of you hoping that the glorious Arya Stark will make it all the way through to the end of Game of Thrones with all limbs intact and a regular pulse, it might be that Drake has gone and fucked it all up for you.

For those of you unfamiliar with the dreaded Drake Curse, we went reasonably deep on it in this recent article, but the short version of events is that Drake has a long history of publicly aligning himself with sports teams and figures, and those sports teams and figures have a long history of spectacularly shitting the bed almost immediately afterwards.

The most recent example of the curse came after Drake showed up at a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey playoff game wearing the team’s jersey with a number 6 on the back. The team then proceeded to lose that game, with the opposition scoring 6 goals in the process, before losing the series altogether a few days later.

The curse is real. It is violent. And it is hungry.

There’s fears now that the curse could spread to fictional characters as well, following Drake’s appearance at today’s Billboard Music Awards.

Drake took time out during one of his many trips to the stage during the ceremony to shout out Arya Stark, potentially dooming her eternally in the process.

God damn it.

We’re not the only ones deathly worried for Arya’s safety now. The internet’s ears pricked up as Curse Watch entered the realms of Westeros.

We’re not saying it’s a done deal obviously – if Arya Stark can murder the Night King she can sure as shit break the awful grip of the Drake Curse – but good lord, the odds are suddenly looking pretty grim.

Might be time to start crossing any finger you have spare, mates.

Image: Getty Images / Kevin Winter